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There are currently 266 NCPIE organizations in the NCPIE database.

21st Century Schools Project at Progressive Policy Institute
600 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington DC 20003
Voice: 202-547-0001
Fax: 202-544-5014
Web Address:
About 21st Century Schools Project at Progressive Policy Institute:
The 21st Century Schools Project at the Progressive Policy Institute works to develop education policy and foster innovation to ensure that America's public schools are an engine of equal opportunity in the knowledge economy. Through research, publications and articles, conferences, a regular electronic newsletter and daily weblog, as well as work with policymakers and practitioners, the project supports initiatives to strengthen accountability, increase equity, improve teacher quality, and expand choice and innovation within public education.

Grandparent Information Center
601 E Street NW
Washington DC 20049
Voice: 800-424-3410
Fax: 202-434-6470
Web Address:
About AARP/ Grandparent Information Center:
The Grandparent Information Center provides information and resources to help grandparents who are raising their grandchildren cope with their primary caregiver roles. The Center works with service agencies across the country in the child care, aging, legal services, and family service fields to address this phenomenon. It serves as a clearinghouse where grandparents, service providers and planners can obtain information and referral to available national and local resources.

Academic Development Institute
Voice: 217-732-6462
Web Address:
Director: Sam Redding

Academy for Educational Development
Schools and Community Services
1825 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington DC 20009
Voice: 202-884-8400
Fax: 202-884-8200
Web Address:
About Academy for Educational Development/ Schools and Community Services:
AED addresses human development needs through education, communication and information in this country and throughout the world. AED's School and Community Services Department develops partnerships between schools, families and communities through research and technical assistance in designing, implementing, and evaluating programs that foster such partnerships.

Access for Special Kids
321 E 6th
Des Moines IA 50309
Voice: 515-243-1713
Fax: 515-243-1902
Web Address:
Director: Julie Reynolds

Advocates for Children of NY
151 West 50th Street 5th Floor
New York NY 10001
Voice: 212-947-9779
Fax: 212-947-9790
Web Address:
Director: Ana Espada

Advocates for Justice and Education
2041 Martin Luther King Ave SE
Suite 301
Washington DC 20020
Voice: 202-678-8060
Fax: 202-678-8062
Web Address:
Director: Bethann West

Alaska Family Partnership
Voice: 907-451-4323
Web Address:
Director: John Regitano

Alaska Parent Information and Resource Center
210 Ferry
Juneau AK 99801
Voice: 907.586.6806
Fax: 907.463-3811
Contact: Julie Staley
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Julie Staley
Director E-Mail:
About Alaska Parent Information and Resource Center:
The Alaska Parent Information and Resource Center assists schools to coordinate and strengthen parental involvement activities required under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), reauthorized as the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002.

Alexandria City Public Schools
2000 North Beauregard Street
Suite 200
Alexandria VA 22311
Voice: 703-824-6639 or 703-824-6635
Fax: 703-824-6699
Contact: Karen Parker Thompson, Family Involvement and Community Outreach Coordinator
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Barbara Hunter, Executive Director, Information and Outreach
About Alexandria City Public Schools:
Alexandria City Public Schools, in partnership with our families and community, will educate effectively all learners to succeed in a changing world. Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS)is located in Alexandria, Virginia. The 2002-2003 school year welcomed almost 11,000 students from 88 countries of birth and spoke 69 languages. The top five languages spoken (other than English)were Spanish, Arabic (Middle East), Amharic (Ethiopia), Krio (Sierra Leone), and Urdu (Pakistan). The ethnic breakdown of students enrolled were 43.6 African American, 26.8 Hispanic, 23% White, 6.4% Asian and .3% Native American. Twenty-two percent of our students receive ESL services, 51% receive free and reduced meals, 15% are in the Talented and Gifted Program and 16% are receive Special Education services. More than 2,500 volunteers and almost 200 businesses and community organizations committed thousands of hours to help students achieve and schools succeed by providing tutors, donations, and other meaningful support. Approximately 80% of the T.C. Williams class of 2003 started post secondary education after being accepted at more than 110 colleges and universities and receiving nearly $2.3 million in scholarships. Nearly 70% of ACPS teachers hold a master's or doctoral degree. Alexandria's teachers are among the best compensated in the metropolitan area with a starting salary of $43,182 for those holding a master's degree.

Alliance for Children and Families
1001 Connecticut Avenue NW
Suite 601
Washington DC 20036
Voice: 202-429-0400
Fax: 202-429-0178
Web Address:
Director: Peter Goldberg, President and CEO
About Alliance for Children and Families:
The Alliance for Children and Families is an international membership association representing more than 350 private, nonprofit child- and family-serving organizations. Alliance members serve more than 5 million individuals annually in more than 2,000 communities, providing a vast array of services ranging from residential care to domestic abuse prevention and intervention. The Alliance's mission is to strengthen members' capacity to serve and advocate for children, families, and communities. The Alliance formed in October 1998 when Family Service America (established 1911) and the National Association of Homes and Services for Children (established 1975) merged.

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
1307 New York Avenue NW
Suite 300
Washington DC 20005
Voice: 202-293-2450
Fax: 202-457-8095
Web Address:
About American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education:
The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education is a national voluntary organization of colleges and universities that prepare the nation's teachers and other educational personnel. Located in Washington, D.C., AACTE is the leader for innovation in teacher education.

American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences
400 North Columbus Street
Alexandria VA 22314
Voice: 703-706-4600
Fax: 703-706-4663
Contact: Roxana Marissa Ayona
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Carolyn W. Jackson, CFCS
About American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences:
The American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) is the only national forum where K-12 teachers, university educators and corporate executives collaborate to improve the quality of individual and family life. We are 10,000 professionals who educate and influence generations of American consumers in our classrooms, our companies, and our communities.

American Association of School Administrators
Community Outreach
1801 North Moore Street
Arlington VA 22209
Voice: 703-875-0706
Fax: 703-807-1849
Web Address:
About American Association of School Administrators/ Community Outreach:
AASA is an organization of school system leaders which seeks to ensure quality education systems for all learners through the support and development of leadership.

American Federation of Teachers
555 New Jersey Avenue NW
Washington DC 20001
Voice: 202-393-4272
Fax: 202-393-6371
Contact: Rosalind LaRocque
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Joan Baratz-Snwoden, Director Ed. Issues Dept
Co-Director or other staff: Rob Weil, Deputy Director, Ed. Issues
About American Federation of Teachers:
The AFT is a union of public and professional employees which serves the interests of its members as determined by democratic processes at the state, local and national levels. AFT empowers its members to participate in efforts to uphold high standards for their professions and the institutions in which they work; disseminates information on professional issues; provides training and development programs; and works with other organizations to address issues that affect all working Americans such as health care, employment opportunity and social justice.

American Samoa PAVE
PO Box 6844
Pago Pago AS 96799
Voice: 011-684-699-6946
Fax: 011-684-699-6952
Director: Fa' Anati Penitusi

America's Promise — The Alliance for Youth
909 N Washington Street
Suite 400
Alexandria VA 22314
Voice: 703-684-4500, 800-365-0153 x3835
Fax: 703-535-3900
Contact: Kris Minor
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
About America's Promise — The Alliance for Youth:
America's Promise is committed to helping localities build effective and strong Communities of Promise throughout the nation by providing tools that guide teams in establishing promising communities, identify key success factors, from and provide examples of "what works" in other communities and states.

Amerika Samoa Humanities Council
Voice: 011-684-633-4870
Director: Lui Tuitele

Annenberg Institute for Social Reform
1640 Roxanna Road NW
Washington DC 20012
Voice: 202-882-1582
Fax: 202-882-2138
Contact: Anne T. Henderson, Senior Consultant, Community Involvement Program
Web Address:

APNI, Inc.
Ave. Ponce de León
#724 Altos
Hato Rey PR 00918
Voice: 787-763-4665
Fax: 787-765-0345
Web Address:
Director: Carmen Sellés de Vilá

Arc of Texas in the Rio Grande Valley Parents Supporting Parents Network
601 N Texas Blvd
Weslaco TX 78596
Voice: 956-447-8408
Fax: 956-973-9503
Web Address:
Director: Larry Zuniga

Arizona Parent and Educational Resource Center
Voice: 480-812-6580
Web Address:
Director: Glenna McCllum-Cloud

Arkansas Disability Coalition
1123 University Ave
Suite 225
Little Rock AR 72204-1605
Voice: 501-614-7020
Fax: 501-614-9082
Web Address:
Director: Wanda Stovall

ASPIRA Association, Inc.
1444 I Street NW
Suite 800
Washington DC 20005
Voice: 202-835-3600 Ext. 114
Fax: 202-835-3613
Contact: Hilda Crespo, Vice President, Public Policy
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Ronald Blackburn-Moreno
About ASPIRA Association, Inc.:
The ASPIRA Association, Inc., is the nation's leading Hispanic youth-serving organization. Established in 1961, ASPIRA is a national non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the education and leadership capacity of Latino youth. ASPIRA strives to accomplish these goals by creating programs that encourage Hispanic students to stay in school, prepare them to succeed through their education, develop their leadership skills, and serve their community.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
1703 N Beauregard
Alexandria VA 22311
Voice: 703-575-5610
Fax: 703-575-5408
Contact: Barbara Gleason
Web Address:
About Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development:
The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development is an international, nonprofit, nonpartisan education association committed to the mission of forging covenants in teaching and learning for the success of all learners. Founded in 1943, ASCD provides professional development in curriculum and supervision, initiates and supports activities to provide educational equity for all students, and serves as a world-class leader in education information services.

200 N Vineyard Blvd
Suite 310
Honolulu HI 96817
Voice: 808-536-9684
Fax: 808-537-6780
Director: Jennifer Schember-Lang

Ayuda Network, Inc.
MP Saipan
Voice: 670-332-7469
Web Address:
Director: Konrad S. Reyes

Brenda Berg
4008 Edward Pride Wynd
Raleigh NC 27612
Voice: 919.744.7447
Contact: Brenda Berg
Contact E-mail:

California Center for Community-School Partnerships
1 Shields Ave.
Academic Surge 2050
Davis CA 95616
Voice: 530-752-1277
Fax: 530-752-3754
Contact: Renee Newton
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Renee Newton
Co-Director or other staff: Francesca Wright
About California Center for Community-School Partnerships:
Located in the new School of Education at the University of California, Davis, the Center for Community School Partnerships (CCSP) was established as the Healthy Start Field Office in 1992. During the past decade, CCSP has served over 800 community-school partnership sites across the state of California, and has provided national and international consultation in education reform and collaborative partnership policy. At the core of our practice is the firm belief that our work be informed by what is happening in the field of community schools at the national and state levels.

Catherine A. Belter
8616 Etta Drive
Springfield VA 22152
Voice: 703-644-7333
Fax: 703-451-1930

Center for Human Investment Policy
Voice: 303-820-5634
Web Address:
Director: Judy Kaufman

Center for Law and Education
1875 Connecticut Ave NW
Suite 510
Washington DC 20009
Voice: 202-986-3000
Fax: 202-986-6648
Web Address:
Director: Paul Weckstein, Co-Director
Director E-Mail:
Co-Director or other staff: Larry Searcy, Program Manager
Co-Director or other staff E-Mail:
About Center for Law and Education:
CLE provides leadership in improving the quality of public education for low-income students and assist low-income communities in addressing their own public education problems effectively.

Center for Parent Leadership
at the Prichard Committee
PO Box 1658
Lexington KY 40588-1658
Voice: 859-233-9849, ext. 227
Fax: 859-233-0760
Contact: Molly Toney
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Bev Raimondo, Director
Director E-Mail:
About Center for Parent Leadership/ at the Prichard Committee:
For over 25 years the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence has been the catalyst behind education reform in Kentucky. It created citizen demand for new policies, helped bring them about and supported the hard work necessary to implement change over time. Through its award winning Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership, the Prichard Committee has trained an army of parents from all income levels and ethnic backgrounds who now understand the need for change in their local schools and have the leadership skills necessary to help educators make and sustain needed improvements. Over 1500 parents throughout Kentucky now share responsibility and take action for better schools. Now the Center for Parent Leadership at the Prichard Committee is making available, nationwide, the expertise we’ve gained over 13 years in our development of parent leaders.

Center for the Development of Schools and Communities
1201 Columbia Road NW
Washington DC 20009
Voice: 202-328-5412
Fax: 202-328-9411
Contact: Anne Bouie, Ph.D.
Contact E-mail:
Director: Anne Bouie, Ph.D.
About Center for the Development of Schools and Communities:
CDSC works in three interrelated areas. First, to improve student academic achievement; the focus is upon high expectations and effective practices. Second, CDSC helps schools establish and maintain mutually supportive working relationships with parents, extended family networks, and the immediate community. The third area is the design, implementation and evaluation of policy and programs to meet specific needs of classroom, sites and districts.

Child Advocacy Center
1821 Summit Road
Suite 303
Cincinnati OH 45237
Voice: 513-821-2400
Fax: 513-821-2442
Director: Cathy Heizman

Children's Aid Society
105 East 22nd Street
New York NY 10010
Voice: 212-949-4800
Fax: 917-286-1580
Contact: Sarah Jonas, Director of Curriculum
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: C. Warren Moses, Executive Director
About Children's Aid Society:
The Children's Aid Society (CAS), founded in 1853, serves more than 120,000 children and their families each year, often helping them overcome tremendous odds. Our network of more than 100 cutting-edge programs and services provided at over 30 sites in and around New York City supplies a full spectrum of support. CAS programs include health, adoption and foster care, emergency services, medical and dental care, counseling, preventive services, summer camps, winter respite for the disabled, recreation, the arts, education, college scholarships and job training, among many others. We work in the metropolitan New York area, in venues as varied as neighborhood centers, camps, public schools, health clinics, a mobile dental van, homes for homeless families with children, in the family courts and in children's own homes. We also serve as technical assistance advisors for replications and adaptations of our specialized services in teen pregnancy prevention and comm! unity school projects in cities throughout the United States. Our nationally recognized programs are models of social service practice and have impacted national child welfare policy.

Children's Council of San Francisco
445 Church Street
San Francisco CA 94114
Voice: 415-276-2900
Fax: 415-343-3331
Contact: Daniel Safran, Deputy Director
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Linnea Klee, Executive Director
About Children's Council of San Francisco:

Children's Council of San Francisco seeks to improve the well-being of children, parents, families, and child care providers, and to make affordable, high-quality child care a reality for all San Francisco families. One of the first child care resource and referral agencies in the United States, CCSF has grown to encompass many additional programs and services.

We provide free:

  • resource and referral listings and workshops to parents seeking child care
  • child care subsidy assistance to low-income families in training or in the work force
  • training and professional support to child care providers
  • health and nutritional services and food subsidies to children receiving child care
  • child care resources and options for children with special needs
  • advocacy, public education and support to parents and the child care community

Children's Home Society of Washington
Voice: 206-695-3200
Web Address:
Director: Peg Mazen

Citizens Alliance To Uphold Special Education
3303 W Saginaw
Suite F-1
Lansing MI 48917-2303
Voice: 517-886-9167
Fax: 517-886-9775
Web Address:
Director: Deborah Canja Iso

Colorado Parent Information & Resource Center - (CPIRC)
3801 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Denver CO 80205
Voice: 303-355-5387
Fax: 303-321-2959
Contact: Jamie Edwards
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Tina House
Director E-Mail:
About Colorado Parent Information & Resource Center - (CPIRC):
CPIRC provides services to school personnel and parents by encouraging partnerships that lead to greater student achievement. CPIRC provides services that build capacity in schools and models partnerships for increased school success.

Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition
Parent Information and Resource Center
7150 Hooker Street
Westminster CO 80030
Voice: 720-890-0123
Fax: 720-540-8455
Contact: Richard Garcia
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Richard Garcia
Director E-Mail:
About Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition/ Parent Information and Resource Center:
The Colorado Statewide Parent Caolition was founded by Richard Garcia in 1980 to provide infromation to parents on how they can become more effectively engaged in their children's education.

Communities in Schools, Inc.
2345 Crystal Drive
Suite 801
Arlington VA 22202
Voice: 1-800-CIS-4KIDS (543)
Fax: 703-518-4571
Contact: Robert Seidel
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Daniel J. Cardinali, President
Director E-Mail:
About Communities in Schools, Inc.:
Communities In Schools, Inc. is the nation's leading dropout prevention organization, with nearly 1.4 million young people annually receiving direct services through about 200 local and state affiliates in 26 states and the District of Columbia.

Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center
338 Main Street
Niantic CT 06357
Voice: 860-739-3089
Fax: 860-739-7460
Web Address:
Director: Nancy Prescott

Council for Exceptional Children
1110 North Glebe Road
Arlington VA 22201
Voice: 800-224-6830
Fax: 703-620-4334
Contact: Deb Ziegler, Associate Executive Director
Web Address:
About Council for Exceptional Children:
CEC improves educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities by advocating for appropriate governmental policies, by setting professional standards, by providing continuing professional development, by advocating for newly and historically underserved individuals with exceptionalities, and by helping professionals achieve the conditions and resources necessary for effective professional practice.

Council of Chief State School Officers
One Massachusetts Ave NW
Suite 700
Washington DC 20001-1431
Voice: 202-336-7000
Fax: 202-789-1792
Contact: Elizabeth Partoyan, Strategic Initiative Director, Next Generation Learners
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Elizabeth Partoyan, Strategic Initiative Director, Next Generation Learners
Director E-Mail:
Co-Director or other staff: Jonathan Marino, Program Associate
Co-Director or other staff E-Mail:
About Council of Chief State School Officers:
The Council of Chief State School Officers is a nationwide nonprofit organization composed of public officials who lead the departments responsible for elementary and secondary education in the United States, the U.S. extra-state jurisdictions, the District of Columbia, and the Department of Defense Education Activity. In representing the chief education officers, CCSSO works on behalf of the state agencies that serve pre-K–12 students throughout the nation.

Council of the Great City Schools
1301 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Suite 702
Washington DC 20004
Voice: 202-393-2427
Fax: 202-393-2400
Web Address:
About Council of the Great City Schools:
The Council promotes the cause of urban schools and advocates for inner-city students through legislation, research and media relations. Provides a network for school districts sharing common problems to exchange information and to collectively address new challenges as they emerge.

CT Parents Plus
Voice: 860-571-6052
Web Address:
Director: Evie Herrmann

DC ParentSmart
1003 K Street NW
Suite 405
Washington DC 20001
Voice: 202-464-3233
Fax: 202-628-8849
Contact: Tabitha Meadors-Temple
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Tabitha Meadors, Temple Project Director
About DC ParentSmart:
DC ParentSmart helps parents take advantage of public education options available to their children. We provide resources, training, outreach, and individualized assistance to all DC Parents, with special attention to those whose children attend schools designated "in need of improvement.” A program of The Center For Student Support Services, DC ParentSmart is made possible by a grant from the Department of Education.

Delaware Parent Education Resource Center
Voice: 302-762-8989
Web Address:
Director: Ann Altemus

Department of School Improvement
Prince George's County Public Schools
14201 School Lane
Upper Marlboro MD 20772
Voice: 301-322-1005
Contact: Sheila Jackson
Contact E-mail:
Director: Sheila Jackson
Director E-Mail:
Co-Director or other staff: Tujuana White, Ed.D
Co-Director or other staff E-Mail:
About Department of School Improvement/ Prince George's County Public Schools:
Department of School Improvement provides oversight, training, and coaching to all schools for the collaborative development, implementation, and monitoring of comprehensive school improvement plans for improved student achievement.

Designs for Change
29 East Madison
Suite 95
Chicago IL 60602
Voice: 312-236-7252
Fax: 312-857-9299
Web Address:
Director: Donald Moore

Devereux Foundation
Devereux Early Childhood Initiative
444 Devereux Drive
Villanova PA 19085
Voice: 610-542-3109
Fax: 610-542-4468
Contact: Susan Damico, Director of Operations for the Devereux Early Childhood Initiative
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Linda K. Likins, National Director
About Devereux Foundation/ Devereux Early Childhood Initiative:
The Devereux Foundation has launched the Devereux Early Childhood Initiative (DECI). The DECI has the mission of promoting resilience and social/emotional growth in young children. This preventative initiative is designed to create partnerships between early childhood and mental health professionals, along with parents, to help children succeed in school and in life.

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, Inc.
2212 Sixth Street
Berkeley CA 94710
Voice: 510-644-2555
Fax: 510-841-8645
Web Address:
Director: Diane Lipton

District Community Voices Organized and Informed for Change in Education (DC Voice)
P.O. Box 73055
Washington DC 20056
Voice: 202-986-8535
Fax: 202-238-0109
Contact: Erika Landberg, Senior Associate for Community Engagement
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Carmella Mazzotta, Executive Director
About District Community Voices Organized and Informed for Change in Education (DC Voice):
DC VOICE is a collaborative of education activists committed to ensuring every child in Washington, DC a high quality public education. We believe that the key to achieving this is an engaged and informed public that both supports public education and holds schools and the city accountabile for the education of our youth. DC VOICE is a Local Education Fund and part of the Public Education Network (PEN), the nation's largest network of independent, community-based school-reform organizations. DC VOICE is supported by the Ford Foundation Collaborating for Educational Reform Initiative, and the Annenberg Foundation through the Public Education Teacher Quality Initiative.

District of Columbia Public Schools
Interagency Partnerships & Wrap Around Services
825 North Capitol St NW
9th Flr
Washington DC 20020
Voice: 202-442-5619
Fax: 202-442-5026
Contact: La Tonia Muhammad, Site Director
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Peter Parham
Co-Director or other staff: Philippe Rosse
About District of Columbia Public Schools/ Interagency Partnerships & Wrap Around Services:
This is a model initiative to support Dr. Paul Vance's vision of Transformation for target schools. Davis Elementary and W. Bruce Evans Middle School have been selected to create a model via partnership with DC Government and via community school elements. This is a collaborative effort with the Deputy Mayor for Children, Youth, Families and Elders to make schools "Neighborhood Places".

Dr. Jerold P. Bauch
889 Belton Drive
Nashville TN 37205
Voice: 615-356-3365
Contact: Dr. Jerold P. Bauch, Professor Emeritus
Contact E-mail:
About Dr. Jerold P. Bauch/ Consultant:
Dr. Jerold P. Bauch is the developer of the Transparent School Model, the first national program to use computer-based voice messaging for connecting parents and teachers. He was Professor of Early Childhood Education at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, where he taught courses on parent involvement. He is also a frequent speaker and/or consultant with school systems and national organizations.

El Valle Community Parent Resource Center
530 South Texas Blvd
Suite J
Weslaco TX 78596
Voice: 956-969-3611
Fax: 956-969-8761
Web Address:
Director: Cynthia Caballero

Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School
3220 16th Street NW
Washington DC 20010
Voice: 202-265-7237
Fax: 202-265-4656
Contact: Linda R. Moore, Executive Director
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Linda R. Moore, Executive Director
Director E-Mail:
Co-Director or other staff: Cheryl Jones, Parent Coordinator
About Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School:
Established in 1998, the Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School, prepares 250 culturally diverse elementary school students in the District of Columbia to be leaders, scholars and responsible citizens who are committed to social justice. We teach children to think, speak, read, write and learn in two languages: English and French or English or Spanish. With a dual focus on academic excellence and community service, the Stokes School accomplishes its mission by creating an environment of achievement, respect and non-violence. The Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School actively welcomes the involvement and support of parents in all aspects of the school’s policies and operations. Parents who choose the Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School for their children, commit themselves to active involvement in their children’s education and to helping fulfill the mission of the school.

Embrace Diverse Schools
6807 Bluecurl Circle
Springfield VA 22152
Voice: 703-644-3039
Contact: Eileen Kugler
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
About Embrace Diverse Schools:
Works with schools & communities to build partnerships with parents of diverse backgrounds. Tailored strategies help educators connect with all families, value their unique strengths, and empower them become informed allies in their child's success.

EPIC -- Every Person Influences Children, Inc.
1000 Main Street
Buffalo NY 14202
Voice: 716-332-4100
Fax: 716-332-4101
Contact: Vito Borrello
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Vito Borrello
Director E-Mail:
Co-Director or other staff: Amanda Scozzafava
Co-Director or other staff E-Mail:
About EPIC -- Every Person Influences Children, Inc.:
EPIC - Every Person Influences Children, Inc. is a national not-for-profit organization that provides effective programs and resources for parents, teachers, and school administrators that help adults raise responsible and capable children.

EPICS Project
412 Camino Don Thomas
P.O. Box 788
Bernalillo NM 87004-0788
Voice: 505-867-3396
Fax: 505-867-3398
Director: Martha Gorospe-Charlie

Exceptional Children's Assistance Center, Inc.
P.O. Box 16
Davidson NC 28036
Voice: 704-892-1321
Fax: 704-892-5028
Web Address:
Director: Connie Hawkins

Exceptional Family Support, Education and Advocacy Center
6402 Skyway
Paradise CA 95969
Voice: 530-876-8321
Fax: 530-876-0346
Web Address:
Director: Debbie Rowell

Exceptional Parents Unlimited
4120 N. First St
Fresno CA 93726
Voice: 559-229-2000
Fax: 559-229-2956
Web Address:
Director: Leslie Lee

Fairfax County Public Schools
Department of Communications and Community Outreach
9735 Main Street
Fairfax VA 22031
Voice: 703-277-2624
Contact: Nancy Briggs
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Barbara Hunter, Assistant Superintendent, Department of Communications and Community Outreach
Director E-Mail:
About Fairfax County Public Schools/ Department of Communications and Community Outreach:
Fairfax County Public Schools' (FCPS) family education and involvement/engagement staff, part of the newly-created Department of Communications and Community Outreach, provide programs and services to parents, FCPS schools, parent groups, community agencies, and businesses that support and involve families in the development and education of their children.

Families ACT
555 N Woodlawn
Wichita KS 67203
Voice: 316-685-1821
Fax: 316-685-0768
Web Address:
Director: Nina Lomely-Baker

Families and Schools Together, Inc.
2801 International Lane
Suite 212
Madison WI 53704
Voice: 608-663-2382
Fax: 608-663-2336
Web Address:

Families and Work Institute
330 Seventh Avenue
New York NY 10001
Voice: 212-465-2044
Fax: 212-465-8637
Contact: Ellen Galinsky
Web Address:
About Families and Work Institute:
The Institute develops new approaches to balancing the changing need's of America's families with the continuing need for workplace productivity. They conduct policy research on a broad range of issues related to the changing demographics of the workforce and the changing nature of work, and operate a national clearinghouse on work and family life. It serves decision makers from all sectors of society - business, education, community and government.

Families Together, Inc.
3340 W Douglas
Ste 102
Wichita KS 67203
Voice: 316-945-7747
Fax: 316-945-7795
Web Address:
Director: Connie Zienkewicz

Family Advocate Program, Inc
Voice: 208-324-3344
Web Address:
Director: Pat Stephens

Family Friendly Schools
411 N. Main Street
Galax VA 24333
Voice: 800-890-7794
Fax: 276-236-9979
Contact: Sam Bartlett, CEO
Web Address:
Director: Sam Bartlett, CEO
About Family Friendly Schools:
Family Friendly Schools is an organization dedicated to helping all schools provide explicit interventions to engage families to promote positive learning outcomes for all children. Family Friendly Schools was founded in 1999 by Dr. Steven Constantino. As an educator, author, consultant, parent, and the nation’s leading practitioner in the field of family engagement in education, Dr. Steve Constantino provides keynote and concurrent session appearances at regional and national conferences. He also works closely with schools and districts across the United States to implement programs that lead to the engagement of families in the educational lives of children as a conduit to improved student achievement. Dr. Constantino founded Family Friendly Schools to provide not only awareness regarding the importance of family engagement, but also explicit processes that provide strategic interventions to help all schools and school districts improve not only the culture of their educational organizations, but most importantly to help all student learn. With the research-based Comprehensive Evaluation for Family Engagement© and the Family Friendly Engage! All Families Institute and Seminar processes, all schools and districts can benefit from the power of families that are truly engaged with their children’s education.

Family Network on Disabilities
2735 Whitney Road
Clearwater FL 33760-1610
Voice: 727-523-1130
Fax: 727-523-8687
Web Address:
Director: Jan LaBelle

Family Resource Center on Disabilities
20 E Jackson Blvd
Room 300
Chicago IL 60604
Voice: 312-939-3513
Fax: 312-939-7297
Director: Charlotte Des Jardins

Family T.I.E.S. Network
830 South Spring
Springfield IL 62704
Voice: 217-544-5809
Fax: 217-544-6018
Web Address:
Director: Carol Saines

Family Works
610 E Diamond Ave
Suite 100
Gaithersburg MD 20877
Voice: 301-840-3192
Fax: 301-840-8933
Contact: Barbara Gimperling
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Barbara Gimperling
Director E-Mail:
About Family Works:
The Family Works is Maryland's Parent Information Resource Center funded through the U.S. Department of Education. The goals of The Family Works are: 1)support families as their child's first teacher and 2)work with families to create partnerships with their child's school in support of student achievement. We provide training, consultation and technical assistance on 1)the role of parents in school reform, 2)family school partnerships, 3)child development and parenting skills. We are also the Maryland state office for the Parents as Teachers home visiting program.

Federation for Children with Special Needs
1135 Tremont Street
Suite 420
Boston MA 02120-2140
Voice: 617-236-7210
Fax: 617-572-2094
Web Address:
Director: Richard Robison

FIND of Louisville
1146 South Third Street
Louisville KY 40203
Voice: 502-584-1239
Fax: 502-584-1261
Web Address:
Director: Robin Porter

First Day Foundation
210 Main Street
PO Box 10
Bennington VT 05201
Voice: 802-753-3005
Fax: 802-753-3009
Contact: Evie Herrmann, Executive Director
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Evie Herrmann, Executive Director
Director E-Mail:
Co-Director or other staff: Denise Goodwin, Operations Manager
About First Day Foundation:
The First Day Foundation seeks to increase and enhance family and community involvement in education. We do this by promoting and supporting grassroots type family involvement programs at the local communiuty level, anchored by a school-based celebration of education on the First Day of each new school year.

Florida Parental Information & Resource Center (PIRC) at USF
University of South Florida
3500 E. Fletcher Ave.
Suite 301
Tampa FL 33613
Voice: 813-558-5096
Fax: 813-396-9925
Web Address:
Director: Dr. Mari T. Fernandez
Director E-Mail:

305 West Jefferson Ave
Jonesboro AR 72401
Voice: 870-935-2750
Fax: 870-931-3755
Web Address:
Director: Ramona Hodges

George Mason University -- College of Education and Human Development
Robinson Hall A -- Suite 323
4400 University Drive, MS 4B3
Fairfax VA 22030
Voice: 703-993-8136
Fax: 703-993-3336
Contact: Jorge P. Osterling, Associate Professor of Education
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Jeffrey Gorrell, Dean

George Washington University Center for Equity and Excellence in Education
1730 N. Lynn Street
Suite 401
Arlington VA 22209-2004
Voice: 703-528-3588, 800-925-3223
Fax: 703-528-5973
Contact: Janet Brown
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Charlene Rivera, Executive Director
Co-Director or other staff: Kristina Anstrom, Assistant Director
About George Washington University Center for Equity and Excellence in Education:
The mission of The George Washington University Center for Equity and Excellence in Education (CEEE) is to advance education reform so that all students achieve high standards. CEEE provides evidence-based technical assistance and professional development and conducts research and evaluation studies for state education agencies (SEAs), local education agencies (LEAs), and various offices of the U.S. Office of Education to facilitate education reform and school improvement initiatives. CEEE was established in October 1991 and chartered by The George Washington University (GW) in January 1994. The Center operates under the umbrella of GW's Institute for Education Policy Studies (IEPS) within GW's Graduate School of Education and Human Development (GSEHD) and has access to a number of high quality GW Resources. The CEEE team of technical assistance providers, researchers, and other specialists have the knowledge, skills, and ability to help educators in states, districts, and schools use research to inform practice. The CEEE team works in partnership with a broad range of state and local administrators and practitioners committed to improving high poverty, low performing schools. The CEEE team possesses the national policy perspective needed to support school improvement strategies responsive to federal education priorities.

Greater Washington Urban League
Voice: 202-265-8200
Web Address:
Director: Audrey Epperson

301 Howard St.
Suite 1440
San Francisco CA 94105
Voice: 415-977-0700
Fax: 415-977-0704
Contact: Lisa Rosenthal
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Bill Jackson
Director E-Mail:
About GreatSchools:
GreatSchools is a national, independent nonprofit organization committed to helping parents choose schools, support their children's education and improve schools in their community. Our content powers the Internet's leading media organizations including AOL, Yahoo!, Knight Ridder, the Los Angeles Times and more than 85 top Web sites nationwide. GreatSchools helps parents choose the best school by providing comprehensive profiles for more than 120,000 schools nationwide. Other parent-friendly features include exclusive ratings, parent reviews, powerful search and compare tools, and helpful advice.

Harlem Village Academy
244 West 144th Street
4th floor
NYC NY 10030
Voice: 646-812-9300
Fax: 646 548 9576
Contact: Clesont Mitchell
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
About Harlem Village Academy:
Harlem Village Acadmey is a NYC Charter school in it's 7th year. It offers inner city students, many from the surrounding area in harlem , a college prep program. " Our goal is that each and every one of our students will graduate college".

Harvard Family Research Project
Longfellow Hall, Appian Way
Cambridge MA 02138
Voice: 617-495-9108
Fax: 617-495-8594
Contact: Margaret Caspe
Web Address:
About Harvard Family Research Project:
Founded in 1983 by Dr. Heather Weiss, the Harvard Family Research Project conducts research about programs and policies that serve children and families throughout the United States. Publishing and disseminating its research widely, HFRP plays a vital role in examining and encouraging programs and policies that enable families and communities to help children reach their potential.

Hawaii Parental Information and Resource Center
Voice: 808-841-6177
Web Address:
Director: Helenann Lauber

Hispanic Policy Development Project
122 East 42nd Street
42nd Floor
New York NY 10168
Voice: 202-822-8414
Contact: Siobhan O. Nicolau, President

Hispanos Unidos para Niños Excepcionales
Buena Vista Plaza 166 W Lehigh Ave
Suite 101
Philadelphia PA 19133-3838
Voice: 215-425-6203
Fax: 215-425-6204
Director: Luz Hernandez

Idaho Parents Unlimited, Inc.
4696 Overland Road
Suite 568
Boise ID 83705
Voice: 208-342-5884
Fax: 208-342-1408
Director: Cheryl Fisher

809 N Michigan St
South Bend IN 46601-1036
Voice: 219-234-7101
TTY: 219-239-7275
Fax: 219-234-7279
Web Address:
Director: Richard Burden
151 West 30th Street
5th floor
New York NY 10003
Voice: 212-947-9779
Fax: 212-947-9790
Contact: Deborah Apsel
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Clara Hemphill, Director
About is an independent, non-profit website that offers information about public schools in New York City. The site helps parents navigate the ins and outs of the school system, and provides statistics, profiles, and reader comments on schools in all five boroughs.

Iowa Parent Resource Center
Voice: 319-354-5606
Web Address:
Director: Ron Mirr

PO Box 4081
Haven MA 02568
Voice: 508-696-5486
Fax: 508-696-5497
Director: Carol Kennedy

Jones Center for Families
Voice: 501-320-4605
Web Address:
Director: Nicholas Long

Kansas Parent Information Resource Center
3500 SW 10th Ave.
Topeka KS 66604
Voice: 866-711-6711
Fax: 785-215-8742
Contact: Jane Groff
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Jane Groff
Director E-Mail:
About Kansas Parent Information Resource Center:
The Kansas Parent Information Resource Center provides training, information, and support to parents, school districts, and other organizations that carry out parent education and family involvement programs.

Keys for Networking, Inc.
Voice: 785-233-8732
Web Address:
Director: Jane Adams

KSA-Plus Communications
2300 Clarendon Blvd.
Ste. 600
Arlington VA 22201
Voice: 703-528-7100 ext. 114
Fax: 703-528-9692
Contact: Adam Kernan-Schloss, President and CEO
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Adam Kernan-Schloss, President and CEO
Director E-Mail:
About KSA-Plus Communications:
KSA-Plus Communications is based in the Washington, DC, area with offices around the country. It is the nation's leading firm in communicating the complexities of education reform in clear language and powerful images and in helping education and community leaders build the public support necessary for high-achieving schools. As part of its more comprehensive communications and community relations practice, KSA-Plus has extensive national experience working with parents, parent groups and those who work with parents. KSA-Plus provides a wide range of customized consulting and technical assistance to help school districts and community organizations develop parent leadership programs and strengthen parent involvement. KSA-Plus can help a community evaluate the effectiveness of its current parent involvement strategies, help strengthen those strategies, conduct workshops to build the expertise of parents and practitioners alike, and develop parent-friendly materials that are customized to the community.

Licking Valley Community Action Program
Voice: 606-845-0081
Web Address:
Director: Ann Hendrix

Loving Your Disabled Child
4528 Crenshaw Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90043
Voice: 323-299-2925
Fax: 323-299-4373
Web Address:
Director: Theresa Cooper

Maine Parent Federation
P.O. Box 2067
Augusta ME 04338-2067
Voice: 207-623-2144
Fax: 207-623-2148
Web Address:
Director: Janice LaChance

Maryland State Department of Education
200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore MD 21201
Voice: 410-767-0296
Fax: 410-333-8010
Web Address:
Director: Dr. Nancy S. Grasmick, State School Superintendent

Massachusetts Parent Information and Resource Center
Federation for Children with Special Needs
1135 Tremont Street
Boston MA 02120
Voice: 617-399-8344
Fax: 617-572-2094
Contact: Margaret C. O'Hare
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Margaret C. O'Hare
Director E-Mail:
About Massachusetts Parent Information and Resource Center/ Federation for Children with Special Needs:

Massachusetts PIRC is a place where parents learn about their rights and options under both state and federal education laws so they can make the best choices for their children. Mass PIRC also works with schools and districts across the state in their efforts to form strong partnerships with families aimed at advancing student achievement.

Massachusetts PIRC services are intended for all Massachusetts families. These include publications in English, Spanish and Portuguese, technical assistance to schools, resources and information, workshops and training, and individual assistance to families, educators and community-based organizations.

94 Galli Drive
Suite C
Novato CA 94949
Voice: 415-884-3535
Fax: 415-884-3555
Web Address:
Director: Nora Thompson

MegaSkills Education Center of the Home and School Institute
1500 Massachusetts Ave NW
Special Projects Office/Ste. 042
Washington DC 20005
Voice: 202-466-3633
Fax: 202-833-1400
Contact: Dorothy Rich, President
Web Address:
About MegaSkills Education Center of the Home and School Institute:
The major focus of the nonprofit Home and School Institute (HSI) and its MegaSkills Education Center is to enable schools to help teachers and families build children's achievement in school and beyond. Since 1972, HSI works with school districts, federal, state and local governments with MegaSkills Programs in over 4000 schools. Family literacy and the needs of at-risk students are fundamental Institute concerns. The key for all Institute work is combining academics and character development so that simultaneously children learn well and want to continue learning.

Mentor Parent Program
P.O. Box 47
Pittsfield PA 16340
Voice: 814-563-3470
Fax: 814-563-3445
Director: Gail Walker

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
1717 K Street NW
Suite 311
Washington DC 20036
Voice: 202-293-2828
Fax: 202-293-2849
Web Address:
About Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund:
MALDEF protects and promotes the civil rights of the 29 million Latinos living in the U.S. MALDEF secures such rights in the areas of employment, education, immigration, political access, and language. Engages in advocacy, participates in community coalitions, trains parents and community members for leadership positions, awards scholarships and litigates when necessary.

Michigan Parent Information Resource Center
Voice: 616-396-7566
Web Address:
Director: Deanna DePree

Mississippi Forum on Children and Families
737 N. President Street
Jackson MS 39202
Voice: 601-355-4911
Fax: 601-355-4813
Contact: Jill Ivey Dent
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Jane P. Boykin
About Mississippi Forum on Children and Families:
The Mississippi Forum on Children and Families provides community resource development through information, education, and training. The Forum is using education, research, and demonstration in the areas of early childhood education and care, child health, youth development, employment preparation and family support. The Forum has four primary objectives:

  • Establishment of quality programs
  • Distribution of information
  • Development of new leadership to support programs for children and families, and
  • Expansion of service provider networks

Missouri Parents Act
1 W Armour Blvd
Suite 302
Kansas City MO 64111
Voice: 816-531-7070
Fax: 816-531-4777
Director: Janet Jacoby, Executive Director

Monongalia Family Resource Network
PO Box 324
Morgantown WV 26507-0324
Voice: 304-284-8400
Fax: 304-296-2291
Web Address:
Director: Brandi Potock

Montana Parent Information and Resource Center Network
127 N. Higgins
Suite 307
Missoula MT 59802
Voice: 800-914-1927
Fax: 406-721-4584
Contact: Barbara Riley
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Barbara Riley, Project Director
About Montana Parent Information and Resource Center Network:
The MPIRC Network's mission is to enhance the knowledge and ability of schools and parents to work together to ensure academic success for all Montana children. The MPIRC Network works to accomplish this by offering training for parents and teachers, technical assistance to schools, Parents As Teachers (PAT) program for parents of children birth to age 5, and lending libraries of materials. The MPIRC Network, coordinated by Family BASICS of WORD, Inc. in Missoula, consists of organizations, agencies, schools, and businesses that are linked in partnership to work collaboratively with schools to increase the likelihood that children will be successful students. Through the MPIRC Network, schools with strong parent and community involvement can share successes and serve as models for communities that want to implement parent service models.

National Alliance of Black School Educators
310 Pennsylvania Avenue SE
Washington DC 20003
Voice: 202-608-6310
Fax: 202-608-6319
Web Address:
Director: Quentin Lawson, Director
About National Alliance of Black School Educators:
National Alliance of Black School Educators is dedicated to improving the educational accomplishments of African American youth through the development and deployment of instructional and motivational methods that increase levels of inspiration, attendance and overall achievement. The organization seeks to promote and facilitate the education of all students, especially those of African descent; establish a coalition of African American educators and others directly and indirectly involved in the educational process; create a forum for the exchange of ideas and strategies to improve opportunities for people of African descent; identify and develop African American professionals who will assume leadership positions in education; and Influence public policy concerning the education of African Americans.

National Association for the Education of Young Children
1509 16th Street NW
Washington DC 20036
Voice: 800-424-2460
Fax: 202-328-1846
Contact: Davida McDonald, Policy Coordinator
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Dr. Mark R. Ginsberg, Ph.D, Executive Director
About National Association for the Education of Young Children:
For more than 75 years the National Association for the Education of Young Children has been leading efforts to promote high-quality early learning for all children from birth to age eight. NAEYC is the world's largest early childhood education association, with more than 100,000 members and a network of nearly 450 local, state, and regional Affiliates. High-quality early education in child care, schools, and after-school programs lays the foundation for school readiness, academic success, and adult achievement.

National Association of Elementary School Principals
1615 Duke Street
Alexandria VA 22314
Voice: 703-684-3345
Fax: 703-548-6021
Contact: Raven Padgett, Director of Communications and Public Information
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Gail Connelly
Co-Director or other staff: Barbara Wilmer, Coordinator of Public Information Projects
About National Association of Elementary School Principals:
NAESP serves the professional needs of 29,500 K-8 principals through a network of state associations across the country and overseas. It promotes educational excellence for K-8 schooling, brings attention to the importance of the school principal, and fosters high standards and creative leadership among school leaders.

National Association of School Psychologists
4340 East West Highway
Suite 402
Bethesda MD 20814
Voice: 301-657-0270
Fax: 301-657-0275
Web Address:
About National Association of School Psychologists:
NASP represents over 23,000 school psychologists and related professionals throughout the U.S. and overseas. It serves its members by advancing the profession of school psychology and promoting the rights, welfare, education and mental health of all children in order to help them achieve success in and out of school.

National Association of Secondary School Principals
1904 Association Drive
Reston VA 22090
Voice: 703-860-0200
Fax: 703-476-5362
Contact: Josephine Franklin
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
About National Association of Secondary School Principals:
NASSP promotes and conducts cooperative activities that advance the effectiveness of middle level and high school administrators and supports their pursuit of quality education for youth; and advocates the continuing improvement of the conditions under which students learn and grow to adulthood.

National Association of State Boards of Education
NASBE Policy Clearinghouse
2121 Crystal Drive Suite #350
Arlington VA 22202
Voice: 703.684.4000
Fax: 703.836.2313
Web Address:
Director: Dr. Carla L. Claycomb, Director
Director E-Mail:
About National Association of State Boards of Education/ NASBE Policy Clearinghouse:
NASBE strengthens state leadership in education policymaking; promotes excellence in the education of all students; advocates quality of access to educational opportunity; and assures responsible lay governance of public education.

National Center for Education and the Economy
700 11th Street NW
Suite 750
Washington DC 20001
Voice: 202-783-3668
Fax: 202-783-3672
Web Address:
About National Center for Education and the Economy:
The National Center provides assistance to states and districts committed to a comprehensive and systemic approach to standards-based education reform. It is committed to making the changes necessary to enable all but the most severely disabled students to meet a standard of accomplishment that is set as high as those the best-performing countries expect of their students.

National Center for Family & Community Connections with Schools at the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory
211 East Seventh Street
Austin TX 78701
Voice: 800-476-6861
Fax: 512-476-2286
Contact: Lucy Wood
Web Address:
About National Center for Family & Community Connections with Schools at the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory:
The National Center for Family & Community Connections with Schools, created by the United States Department of Education in December 2000, creates bridges between research and practice by linking people with research-based information and resources that they can use to effectively connect schools, families, and communities. The Center gathers the latest information, including research, theory, programs, policies, and practices from the field, then shares that information through publications, conferences, and interactive web-based tools and electronic networking. The Center also connects the Regional Education Laboratories across the United States to share information and best practices related to family and community connections.

National Center for Family Literacy
325 West Main Street
Suite 300
Louisville KY 40202
Voice: 502-584-1133 x134
Fax: 502-584-0172
Contact: Brenda W. Logan, Director School Reform Initiatives
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Sharon Darling, Founder and President
About National Center for Family Literacy:
The mission of the National Center for Family Literacy is to create educational and economic opportunities for the most at-risk children and their parents. NCFL advances and supports family literacy services for thousands of families across the United States through programming, training, advocacy, and dissemination of information about family literacy.

National Center for Latinos with Disabilities
1915-17 South Blue Island Ave
Chicago IL 60608
Voice: 312-666-3393
Fax: 312-666-1787
Director: Everado Franco

National Clearinghouse for Comprehensive School Reform
George Washington University
2121 K Street NW
Suite 250
Washington DC 20037
Voice: 877-766-4CSR
Fax: 202-833-4891
Contact: Monica R. Martinez, Director for Outreach
Web Address:
Director: Arthur W. Gosling, Executive Director
About National Clearinghouse for Comprehensive School Reform/ George Washington University:
The National Clearinghouse for Comprehensive School Reform was created to improve the national dissemination of information on comprehensive school reform. NCCSR audiences include school-based staff, educational administrators, researchers, policymakers and the general public. The Clearinghouse collects, analyzes and disseminates information on comprehensive school reform in educational institutions serving the K-12 population, including public schools, public school districts, state education agencies and private schools in the United States. It is the mission of The National Clearinghouse for Comprehensive School Reform to collect and disseminate information that builds the capacity of schools to raise the academic achievement of all students.

National Coalition of Title 1/Chapter 1 Parents
National Parent Center
3609 Georgia Avenue NW
1st Floor
Washington DC 20036
Voice: 202-291-8100
Fax: 202-291-8200
Contact: Bob Witherspoon, Consultant
About National Coalition of Title 1/Chapter 1 Parents/ National Parent Center:
The Coalition, an advocate organization, provides information, training and technical assistance to families and schools involved in Title I. Title I is the largest federal assistance to state and local school districts to help children not performing at grade level. The involvement of families is a key requirement in the Title I legislation.

National Community Education Association
3929 Old Lee Highway
Suite 91-A
Fairfax VA 22030
Voice: 703-359-8973
Fax: 703-359-0972
Contact: Beth Robertson
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Beth Robertson
Director E-Mail:
About National Community Education Association:
The National Community Education Association (NCEA) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) membership association founded in Flint, Michigan, in 1966, as the National Community School Education Association. In 1978 the Association's name was changed to the National Community Education Association and its national office was moved to the Washington, DC area. NCEA is governed by a 14-member Board of Directors; twelve are elected by the membership and two are appointed by the Board. NCEA's mission is to provide leadership to those who build learning communities in response to individual and community needs. It does this by providing its members with national and regional training conferences and workshops; specialized periodicals, publications, and products; opportunities for peer support and networking; and information and referral services. In addition it acts as an advocate for community education by working with related organizations and promoting at the national, state, and local levels: parent and community involvement in public education; the formation of community partnerships to address community needs; and the expansion of lifelong learning opportunities for all community residents.

National Council of La Raza
1111 19th Street NW
Suite 1000
Washington DC 20036
Voice: 202-785-1670
Fax: 202-776-1792
Web Address:
About National Council of La Raza:
NCLR is dedicated to improving life opportunities for Hispanic Americans. It works toward this goal through two primary, complementary approaches: capacity-building to support and strengthen community-based organizations and applied research, policy analysis, and advocacy. NCLR's Center for Community Educational Excellence (C2E2) serves the community-based education sector (versus traditional public schools) and coordinates professional development, training, technical assistance and support services to staff of its 250-plus affiliate organizations throughout the U.S. C2E2 seeks to build community-school education collaboratives, strengthen the quality of education for Hispanics, and effectively involve Hispanic families in the education of their children. One of the key tenets of NCLR's work in education has been to involve Hispanic-controlled, community-based organizations more fully and effectively in helping to shape and strengthen education in their own communities. C2E2 initiatives include curriculum development, training, and technical assistance in the areas of early care and education, language and literacy, math and science, academic enrichment, college preparation, alternative and charter schools, parent & family involvement, and adult basic education.

National Crime Prevention Council
1000 Connecticut Ave., NW
Thirteenth Floor
Washington DC 20036
Voice: 202-261-4160
Fax: 202-296-1356
Contact: Meghan Sharp, Program Manager
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Al Lenhardt, President and CEO
About National Crime Prevention Council:
The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) is a private, nonprofit tax-exempt [501(c)(3)] organization whose primary mission is to enable people to create safer and more caring communities by addressing the causes of crime and violence and reducing the opportunities for crime to occur. NCPC publishes books, kits of camera-ready program materials, posters, and informational and policy reports on a variety of crime prevention and community-building subjects. NCPC offers training, technical assistance, and a national focus for crime prevention: it acts as secretariat for the Crime Prevention Coalition of America, a nonpartisan group of more than 360 national, federal, state, and local organizations committed to preventing crime. It hosts a number of websites that offer prevention tips to individuals, describe prevention practices for community building, and help anchor prevention policy into laws and budgets. It operates demonstration programs in schools, neighborhoods, and entire jurisdictions and takes a major leadership role in youth crime prevention and youth service; it also administers the Center for Faith and Service. NCPC manages the McGruff® “Take A Bite Out Of Crime®“ public service advertising campaign. NCPC is funded through a variety of government agencies, corporate and private foundations, and donations from private individuals.

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY)
1825 Connecticut Ave NW
Suite 700
Washington DC 20009
Voice: 800-695-0285, 202-884-8200
TTY: (800) 695-0285; (202) 884-8200
Fax: 202-884-8441
Contact: Information Specialist
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Stephen Luke
Director E-Mail:
About National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY):
NICHCY is a central source of information on: * disabilities in infants, toddlers, children, and youth, * IDEA, which is the law authorizing special education, * No Child Left Behind (as it relates to children with disabilities).

National Dropout Prevention Center
Clemson University
209 Martin Street
Clemson University
Clemson SC 29631-1555
Voice: 864-656-2599
Fax: 864-656-0136
Contact: Marty Duckenfield
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Dr. Jay Smink
Director E-Mail:
Co-Director or other staff: Dr. Sam Drew
Co-Director or other staff E-Mail:
About National Dropout Prevention Center/ Clemson University:
The mission of the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network is to increase high school graduation rates through research and evidenced-based solutions.

National Education Association's Read Across America
National Education Association
1201 16th Street NW
Washington DC 20036
Voice: 202-822-7289
Fax: 202-822-7292
Contact: Anita Merina
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director E-Mail:
About National Education Association's Read Across America/ National Education Association:
The National Education Association's Read Across America program is building a nation of readers through grants, events, and resources for educators, parents, students, librarians. We have a Facebook Cause and Fan page too.

National Education Knowledge Industry Association
1718 Connecticut Avenue NW
Suite 700
Washington DC 20009
Voice: 202-518-0847
Fax: 202-785-3849
Contact: Richard Hershman, Vice President for Legislative Affairs
Web Address:
About National Education Knowledge Industry Association:
The National Education Knowledge Industry Association (NEKIA) is the only national trade association for organizations dedicated to educational research and development (R&D). The mission of NEKIA is to serve the nation's common good by making cost-effective education innovation and expertise available to all communities. The National Education Knowledge Industry Association (NEKIA) is the only national trade association for organizations dedicated to educational research and development (R&D). The mission of NEKIA is to serve the nation's common good by making cost-effective education innovation and expertise available to all communities.

National Educational Service
304 West Kirkwood Ave
Suite 2
Bloomington IN 47408
Voice: 800-733-6786
Fax: 812-336-7790
Web Address:
About National Educational Service:
The National Educational Service (NES) was founded in 1987 to help educators and others who work with youth create safe and caring schools, agencies, and communities where all children succeed. The NES works to achieve this mission by providing tested and proven resources, such as books, video training series, conferences, and professional development opportunities. NES is the publisher of such classics in the field as Building Successful Partnerships by the National PTA, Parents Assuring Student Success by John Ban, and the PASSport training program by Vickie Burt.

National Fatherhood Initiative
101 Lake Forest Boulevard
Suite 360
Gaithersburg MD 20877
Voice: 301-948-0599
Fax: 301-948-4325
Web Address:
Director: Neil Tift, President
About National Fatherhood Initiative:
The National Fatherhood Initiative was created in 1994 to counter the growing problem of fatherlessness by stimulating a broad-based social movement to restore responsible fatherhood as a national priority. NFI encourages and supports family and father-friendly policies, develops national public education campaigns to highlight the importance of fathers in the lives of their children, provides motivation for national and local coalition building, and provides information to individual men to help them be better fathers.

National Head Start Association
1651 Prince St
Alexandria VA 22314
Voice: 703-739-0875
Fax: 703-739-0878
Web Address:
About National Head Start Association:
The National Head Start Association (NHSA) is a private not-for profit membership organization representing more than 900,000 children, 190,000 staff and 2,500 Head Start programs in America. It is governed by a 49-member Board of Directors composed of a director, staff, parent and friend representative from each of the twelve federal regions and the immediate past president. NHSA provides a national forum for the continued enhancement of Head Start services for children prenatal through age five and their families. It is the only national organization dedicated exclusively to the concerns of the Head Start community.

National Middle School Association
4151 Executive Parkway
Suite 300
Westerville OH 43081
Voice: 800-528-NMSA
Fax: 614-895-4750
Contact: Betty Edwards, Executive Director
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Jeff Ward, Associate Executive Director
Co-Director or other staff: Jack Berckemeyer, Assistant Executive Director
About National Middle School Association:
Since its inception in 1973, National Middle School Association (NMSA) has been a voice for those committed to the educational and developmental needs of young adolescents. NMSA is the only national education association dedicated exclusively to the growth of middle level education. With over 30,000 members representing principals, teachers, central office personnel, professors, college students, parents, community leaders, and educational consultants across the United States, Canada, and 46 other countries, NMSA welcomes and provides support to anyone interested in the health and education of young adolescents. In addition, NMSA has a network of 58 affiliate organizations in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia that strengthens our outreach to the regional, state, provincial, and local levels.

National Network of Partnership Schools
Johns Hopkins University
3505 North Charles Street
Baltimore MD 21218
Voice: 410-516-8807
Fax: 410-516-8890
Contact: Joyce Epstein
Web Address:
About National Network of Partnership Schools:
The Center conducts and disseminates research, development, and policy analyses that produce new and useful knowledge and practices to help families, educators, and members of communities to improve schools, strengthen families and enhance student learning and development. The Center has established the National Network of Partnership-2000 Schools which brings together schools, districts, and states that are committed to developing and maintaining strong programs of school-family-community partnerships.

National Parent Teacher Association
1400 L St NW
Suite 300
Washington DC 20005
Voice: 202-289-6790
Fax: 202-289-6791
Contact: Sheri Johnson, Director of Programs
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Kimberly Barnes-O'Connor
About National Parent Teacher Association:
The Mission of the PTA:

  • To support and speak on behalf of children and youth in the schools, in the community and before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children;
  • To assist parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children;
  • To encourage parent and public involvement in the public schools of this nation.

National School Boards Association
1680 Duke Street
Alexandria VA 22314
Voice: 703-838-6722
Fax: 703-683-7590
Contact: Aaron Dorsey, Project Manager
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Anne L. Bryant
Director E-Mail:
About National School Boards Association:
NSBA is a not-for-profit federation of state associations of school boards across the United States. Its mission is to foster excellence and equity in public education through school board leadership. Founded in 1940, NSBA represents 95,000 local school board members who govern 14,890 local school districts serving the nation's more than 47 million public school students.

National Urban League
120 Wall Street
New York NY 10005
Voice: 212-558-5300
Fax: 212-344-5332
Contact: Deirdre Jackson
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Marc H. Morial, President & CEO
Co-Director or other staff: Velma L. Cobb, Vice President, Education & Youth
About National Urban League:
The Urban League is the nation’s oldest and largest community-based movement devoted to empowering African Americans to enter the economic and social mainstream. The Urban League movement was founded in 1910. The National Urban League, headquartered in New York City, spearheads our nonprofit, nonpartisan, community-based movement. The heart of the Urban League movement is our professionally staffed Urban League affiliates in more than 100 cities in 34 states and the District of Columbia.

Native American Family Empowerment Center
Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council, Inc.
2932 Highway 47N
P.O. Box 9
Flambeau WA 54538
Voice: 715-588-3324
Fax: 715-588-7900
Director: Don Rosin

Native American Parent Training and Information Center
129 East Third
Moscow ID 83843
Voice: 208-885-3500
Fax: 208-885-3628
Director: Chris Curry
Co-Director or other staff: Susan Banks

Nebraska Parents Center
1941 South 42nd St.
Omaha NE 68105-2942
Voice: 402-346-0525
Fax: 402-346-5253
Web Address:
Director: Glenda Davis

Nebraska SPRING Network
Voice: 402-597-4839
Web Address:
Director: Sharon Chamberlin

NetSmartz Workshop
Program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
699 Prince Street
Alexandria VA 22314
Voice: 1-877-446-2632
Fax: 703-549-3055
Contact: Laurie Nathan
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
About NetSmartz Workshop/ Program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children:
NetSmartz Workshop, an educational safety resource from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, teaches children how to be safer while online and in the real world. Parents and educators can visit for more information.

Nevada Parent Information and Resource Center Sunrise Children’s Hospital Foundation
Voice: 702-648-1885
Web Address:
Director: Angela Triche

Nevada Parents Encouraging Parents
2810 W Charleston Blvd Suite G-68
Quall Park IV
Las Vegas NV 89102
Voice: 702-388-8899
Fax: 702-388-2966
Web Address:
Director: Karen Taycher

NH Parent Information and Resource Center
151A Manchester St
PO Box 2405
Concord NH 03302-2405
Voice: 603-224-7005
TTY: 800-947-7005 (N.H. only)
Fax: 603-224-4365
Contact: John-Michael Dumais
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: John-Michael Dumais
Director E-Mail:
About NH Parent Information and Resource Center:
The NH Parent Information and Resource Center (NH PIRC) is a US Department of Education-funded program aimed at improving student academic performance by increasing parental involvement in children’s education and promoting schoolfamily-community partnerships.NH PIRC offers workshops, publications, toolkits, newsletters, tip sheets, and support to parents, PTA’s, schools, school districts, and community organizations.

North Dakota Parent Assistance through Supportive Schools
1600 2nd Ave SW
Suite 18
Minot ND 58701
Voice: 701-837-7510
Fax: 701-837-7540
Contact: Betty Bostow, Program Manager
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Kathy Erickson, Director
Co-Director or other staff: Miranda Smith, Secretary
About North Dakota Parent Assistance through Supportive Schools:
NDPASS is a Parent Information Resource Center (PIRC), Funded by the US Dept. of Innovation and Improvement. ND Parent Assistance and Supportive Services (NDPASS) is a statewide PIRC for parents and professionals working with children. The NDPASS project is founded on the premise that parents are a child's first and most important teacher. This project is focused on general education.

North Dakota Pathfinder Parent Training And Information Center
1600 2nd Ave SW
Suite 19
Minot ND 58701-3459
Voice: 701-837-7500
Fax: 701-837-7548
Web Address:
Director: Kathryn Erickson

Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities
165 West Center Street
Suite 302
Marion OH 43302-3741
Voice: 740-382-5452
Fax: 740-383-6421
Web Address:
Director: Margaret Burley

Ohio Parent Information and Resource Center
3021 Vernon Place
Cincinnati OH 45219
Voice: 513-221-3660
Fax: 513-487-5314
Contact: Vandelia Todd, Program Director
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Vandelia Todd, Program Director
Co-Director or other staff: Jeanne Plastow, Education Program Coordinator
About Ohio Parent Information and Resource Center:
Ohio's only USDOE funded parent assistance center. We have been in operation since 1995 as a program of Lighthouse Youth Services. Knowing that parent involvement is schools is critical to student success, the Ohio PIRC provides opportunities for families to learn, share and lead in their homes, schools, and communities.

Oklahoma Parents Center, Inc.
4600 Southeast 29th Street
Suite 115
Del City OK 73115-4224
Voice: 405-619-0500
Fax: 405-670-0776
Director: Sharon Bishop

Oliver Moles
6904 Stonewood Ct.
Rockville MD 20852
Voice: 301-770-2325
Fax: 301-770-6955
About Oliver Moles:
Specialist in social research and educational issues. Areas include parent involvement and school-family relationships, student behavior and school safety, comprehensive school reforms, and study designs and analysis. Career experience in these and related areas in the U.S. Department of Education and othe federal agencies. Ph.D. in social psychology.

Oregon COPE Project
999 Locust St NE
Salem OR 97303
Voice: 503-581-8156
Fax: 503-391-0429
Director: Anne Brown

Oregon Parent Information and Resource Center
Voice: 503-282-1975
Web Address:
Director: Lisa Lowery

PACER Center, Inc.
8161 Normandale Boulevard
Minneapolis MN 55437
Voice: 952-838-9000
TTY: 952-838-0190
Fax: 952-838-0199
Contact: Paula F. Goldberg, Executive Director
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Paula F. Goldberg, Executive Director
Director E-Mail:
About PACER Center, Inc.:
PACER Center expands opportunities and enhances the quality of life of children and young adults with disabilities and their families, based on the concept of parents helping parents. Through 28 programs, including a technology center, multicultural services, EBD and Children's Mental Health, Abuse Prevention and Disability Awareness Puppet programs, Information on the ADA and Rehabilitation Act, Juvenile Justice, and more, PACER's staff informs and trains parents of children with all disabilities to be the best representatives for their children as they grow toward independence.

Pacific Parental Information and Resource Center
Voice: 808-441-1359
Web Address:
Director: Tim Donahue

813 Forrest Drive
Suite 3
Newport News VA 23606-4513
Voice: 757-591-9119
Fax: 757-591-8990
Web Address:
Director: Mark Jacob

Palau Parent Network
Center on Disability Studies
University of Hawaii
1833 Kala Kaua Avenue #609
Honolulu HI 96815
Voice: 808-945-1432
Fax: 808-945-1440
Director: Erma Ngwal

Palau Parental Assistance Project
Republic of Palau
Voice: 680-488-1170
Director: Doroteo Nagata

Parent Education Network
5 N Lobban Ave
Buffalo WY 82834
Voice: 307-684-7441
Fax: 307-684-5314
Contact: Terri Dawson
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Terri Dawson, Director
Director E-Mail:
About Parent Education Network:
PEN works with different organizations to increase parental involvement in schools. We develop and disseminate fact sheets (in English and Spanish) on parenting and educational issues. We have Outreach Parent Liaisons in six regions in the state to work one on one with schools to provide ideas to become more parent -- friendly and with parent groups to empower them with information and strategies to work more effectively with schools. PEN partners with the Parent Information Center to provide information to support families of children with disabilities, NOWCAP to provide Parents as Teachers in 22 different sites, through Wyoming Children's Access Network to provide seminars on co-parenting children in the process of divorce and custody battles and with Prevent Child Abuse-Wyoming to facilitate and coordinate mutual parent to parent support groups. PEN has also produced a video for families on improving Literacy skills in children ages birth to six that is also available in Spanish.

Parent Education Network
2107 Industrial Hwy
York PA 17402-2223
Voice: 717-600-0100
Fax: 717-600-8101
Web Address:
Director: Louise Thieme

Parent Education Project of Wisconsin
2192 South 60th Street
West Allis WI 53219-1568
Voice: 414-328-5520
Fax: 414-328-5530
Director: S. Patrice Colletti, SDS

Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center
100 N. Washington Street
Suite 234
Falls Church VA 22048
Voice: 1-800-869-6782
TTY: 1-703-923-0010
Fax: 1-800-693-3514
Contact: Michelle Frappier
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Cherie Takemoto
Director E-Mail:
Co-Director or other staff: Suzanne Bowers
Co-Director or other staff E-Mail:
About Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center:
The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center Building positive futures for Virginia's children by working collaboratively with families, schools and communities in order to improve opportunities for excellence in education and success in school and community life.

Parent Information Center
P.O. Box 2405
Concord NH 03302-2405
Voice: 603-224-7005
Fax: 603-224-4379
Web Address:
Director: Judith Raskin

Parent Information Center of Delaware
5570 Kirkwood Highway
Wilmington DE 19808
Voice: 302-999-7394
Contact: Marie-Anne Aghazadian
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Marie-Anne Aghazadian
Director E-Mail: Marie-Anne Aghazadian
Co-Director or other staff:
About Parent Information Center of Delaware:
Our organization‘s sole purpose is to give parents easy access to information and resources designed to improve their children’s developmental and educational outcomes.

Parent Institute
P.O. Box 7474
Fairfax Station VA 22039-7474
Voice: 800-756-5525
Fax: 800-216-3667
Contact: Peggy Costello
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: John H. Wherry, President
About Parent Institute:
The Parent Institute is a division of NIS, Inc., an independent, private corporation founded in 1989 by educators with extensive experience working with public and private schools in the U.S. and Canada. The corporation has two operating subdivisions: The Parent Institute and The Teacher Institute. The mission of The Parent Institute is to encourage parent involvement in the education of their children. The Parent Institute publishes a variety of researched-based materials educators can purchase for parents to help them help their children in school including newsletters, booklets, brochures, audio booklets, videos, and web content.

Parent Partners
7 Lakeland Circle
Suite 600
Jackson MS 39216
Voice: 601-982-1988
Fax: 601-982-1988
Web Address:

Parent to Parent of Miami, Inc.
c/o Sunrise Community 9040 Sunset Drive
Suite G
Miami FL 33173
Voice: 305-271-9797
Fax: 305-271-6628
Web Address:
Director: Isabel Garcia

Parent to Parent Power
1118 S 142nd St
Tacoma WA 98444
Voice: 253-531-2022
Fax: 253-538-1126

Parental Information and Resource Assistance Center
Statewide Parent Advocacy Network, Inc
Voice: 973-642-8100
Web Address:
Director: Tonya Hall

Parental Involvement Exchange (PIE)
140 Hepburn Rd. Suite 8-0
Clifton NJ 07012
Voice: 973-801-9289
Contact: Anthony D. White Sr.
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Anthony D. White Sr.
Director E-Mail:
About Parental Involvement Exchange (PIE):
The Parental Involvement Exchange (PIE) is an organization focused on the delivery of useful resources for parents, parent organizations, school district personnel, school board members, business and/or community partners that serve as a catalyst to ensure that children who attend America's schools receive quality education, supported by well-informed decisions based on data (fact, not guesswork), and meaningful parental involvement.

Parents Are Experts Parents Training Parents
23077 Greenfield Road
Suite 205
Springfield MI 48075-3745
Voice: 248-557-5070
Fax: 248-557-4456
Web Address:
Director: Pat Dwelle

Parents as Partners Academic Center
Atlanta Public Schools
225 James P. Brawey Dr., N.W.
Suite 127
Atlanta GA 30314
Voice: 404-802-3673/3650
Fax: 404-802-3690
Contact: Emily Holland
Contact E-mail:
Director: Emily Holland
Director E-Mail:
About Parents as Partners Academic Center/ Atlanta Public Schools:
The Parents as Partners Academic Center is the official Parent Resource Center for Atlanta Public Schools. It offers Parenting workshops to include parents of children with special needs, a resource library, technology center and creation station.

Parents as Partners in Education
Voice: 405-487-4078
Web Address:
Director: Kimberly Francisco

Parents as Teachers National Center, Inc.
2228 Ball Drive
St Louis MO 63146
Voice: 314-432-4330
Fax: 314-432-8963
Web Address:
Director: Susan S. Stepleton, President
About Parents as Teachers National Center, Inc.:
Parents as Teachers is an international early childhood parent education and family support program serving families throughout pregnancy until their child enters kindergarten, usually age 5. The program is designed to enhance child development and school achievement through parent education accessible to all families.

Parents Educating Parents and Professionals for All Children
6613 East Church Street
Suite 100
Douglasville GA 30134
Voice: 770-577-7771
Fax: 770-577-7774
Web Address:
Director: LaVerne Bomar

Parents First
Voice: 615-460-9810
Web Address:
Director: Sara Wesley

Parents for Public Schools
200 N. Congress Street
Suite 500
Jackson MS 39202
Voice: 601-969-6936
Fax: 601-969-6041
Contact: Anne Foster
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Anne Foster
Director E-Mail:
About Parents for Public Schools:
Parents for Public Schools (PPS) is a national organization of community-based chapters working with public school parents and other supporters to improve and strengthen local public schools. We believe that quality public education is vital to our democracy and to America’s future.

Parents Helping Parents of San Francisco
594 Monterey Blvd
San Francisco CA 94127-2416
Voice: 415-841-8820
Fax: 415-841-8824
Director: Lois Jones

Parents Helping Parents of Santa Clara
3041 Olcott St
Santa Clara CA 95054-3222
Voice: 408-727-5775
Fax: 408-727-0182
Web Address:
Director: Mary Ellen Peterson

Parents in Partnership Project
Voice: 704-892-1321
Web Address:
Director: Connie Hawkins

Parents of Watts
10828 Lou Dillon Ave
Los Angeles CA 90059
Voice: 323-566-7556
Fax: 323-569-3982
Director: Alice Harris

Parent's P.L.A.C.E.
Voice: 617-236-7210
Web Address:
Director: Carolyn Ramona

Parents Place of Maryland, Inc.
7484 Candlewood Rd
Suite S
Hanover MD 21076-1306
Voice: 410-859-5300
Fax: 410-859-5301
Web Address:
Director: Josie Thomas

Parents Plus of Wisconsin
660 E. Mason Street
Suite 100
Milwaukee WI 53209
Voice: 414-755-8700
Fax: 414-755-8252
Contact: Suzy Rodriguez
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Suzy Rodriguez
Director E-Mail:
About Parents Plus of Wisconsin:
Parents Plus provides and funds programming in early childhood education, family support, home visitation, healthy relationships, and family/school/community partnerships, as well as professional development opportunities.

Parents Reaching Out to Help
Voice: 505-865-3700
Web Address:
Director: Ann Strenger

Parents Reaching Out, Project ADOBE
1000-A Main St. NW
Los Lunas NM 87031
Voice: 505-865-3700
Fax: 505-865-3737
Web Address:
Director: Larry Fuller

4743 E Northern Lights Blvd
Anchorage AK 99508
Voice: 907-337-7678
Fax: 907-337-7671
Director: Faye Nieto

Parents, Let's Unite for Kids
516 N 32nd Street
Billings MT 59101
Voice: 406-255-0540
Fax: 406-255-0523
Web Address:
Director: Dennis Moore

9711 San Gabriel Avenue
South Gate CA 90280
Voice: 323-564-6545
Fax: 323-564-8541
Contact: Mary Johnson / Founder
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Mary Johnson / CEO
Co-Director or other staff: Valerie Munoz / Vice President
About Parent-U-Turn:
Parent-U-Turn is non-profit organization that has assisted first generation, linguistically-diverse, and low income immigrant families to better navigate schools and work forward higher education. parent-U-Turn has trained hundreds of parents about school structure, policies, special education,GATE programs, language classification, and most recently, William case. As critical researchers, Parent-U-Turn has developed research tools to empower parents through our work within the UCLA Institues for Democracy, Education, and Acess (IDEA). Parent-U-Turn have helps parents measure and evalute the condition of the education their children receive.

Partners Resource Network Inc.
1090 Longfellow Drive
Suite B
Beaumont TX 77706-4819
Voice: 409-898-4684
Fax: 409-898-4869
Web Address:
Director: Janice Meyer

Partnership for Parental Assistance
Voice: 341-291-4443
Web Address:
Director: Barry Freedman

PEAK Parent Center, Inc.
611 North Weber
Suite 200
Colorado Springs CO 80903
Voice: 719-531-9400
Fax: 719-531-9452
Web Address:
Director: Barbara Buswell

100 North Washington Street
Falls Church VA 22046
Voice: 703-923-0010
Fax: 800-693-3514
Contact: Suzanne Bowers
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Cherie Takemoto
Director E-Mail:
About PEATC:

PEATC is Virginia's parent education, support, training and information center committed to helping children with disabilities, their families and the professionals who serve them.

PEATC helps families . . .

  • Understand special education in simple, easy-to-understand language Better communicate their child's needs (from birth to age 22)
  • Get needed services for their children Develop self-advocacy and self-determination in children and youth
  • Organize information so that overwhelming problems become manageable
  • Manage their emotions for their child's benefit and talk so others will listen Learn the difference between effective advocacy and being adversarial
  • Experience and enjoy the power of partnerships and successful collaboration

Pennsylvania Parent Information Resource Center
Voice: 215-236-2180
Web Address:
Director: Robert McCrumn

Pilot Parents of Southern Arizona
2600 North Wyatt Drive
Tucson AZ 85712
Voice: 520-324-3150
Fax: 520-324-3152
Web Address:
Director: Lynn Kallis

Poverty and Race Research Action Council
1015 15th St. NW
Washington DC 20005
Voice: 202-906-8024
Fax: 202-387-0764
Contact: Philip Tegeler
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
About Poverty and Race Research Action Council:
Poverty and Race Resource Action Council is a non-partisan, national, not-for-profit organization convened by major civil rights, civil liberties and anti-poverty groups. Our purpose is to link social science research to advocacy work in order to successfully address problems at the intersection of race and poverty.

Pre-K Now
1025 F Street, NW
Suite 900
Washington DC 20004
Voice: 202-862-9868
Fax: 202-862-9870
Contact: Allison de la Torre
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Libby Doggett
Director E-Mail:
About Pre-K Now:

Pre-K Now is a public education and advocacy organization that advances high-quality, voluntary pre-kindergarten for all three and four year olds. Supported by The Pew Charitable Trusts and other funders and a project of the Institute for Educational Leadership, Pre-K Now:

  • provides targeted financial and technical assistance to state advocates and other leaders working to secure policy changes and public funds that will improve the availability and quality of state-funded pre-k programs;
  • educates policymakers about the need for pre-k; and
  • raises public awareness about the need for pre-k for all children.

Pre-K Now is a trusted resource for policy information and a strong partner for pre-k advocacy.

Prince George's County Public schools
Department of School Development
9880 Good Luck Road
Room 1
Lanham MD 20706
Voice: 301-552-4294
Fax: 301-552-4293
Contact: Beverly Holley
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Sheila Jackson
Director E-Mail:
About Prince George's County Public schools/ Department of School Development:
The mission of the Department of School Development is to assure that schools faithfully replicate the Comer School Development Program, a model of comprehensive school reform that focuses on providing structures and processes to help all students acquire knowledge and develop skills and understandings to enable them to become productive citizens and life-long learners. This mission is best accomplished through ensuring that all adult stakeholders in a school community(educators, parents, and community partners) work together using collaboration, consensus, and a no-fault approach to data utilization for addressing programmatic concerns towards improved academic achievement and psychosocial development for all students.

Project Empower
136 South Poplar Ave
Greenville MS 38701
Voice: 601-332-4852
Fax: 601-332-1622
Director: Agnes Johnson

Project for School Innovation
197A Center St.
Dorchester MA 02124
Voice: 617-825-0703
Fax: 617-474-1103
Web Address:
Director: Michael Rothman, Director
About Project for School Innovation:
The Project for School Innovation (PSI) is a community of professional public school educators, working together to share their successes and drive school change. PSI works with public school educators to develop how-to books and teacher-led professional development on effective practices from their schools.

Project FREE
Voice: 207-623-2144
Web Address:
Director: Janice LaChance

Project PODER
1017 N. Main Ave
Suite 207
San Antonio TX 78212
Voice: 210-222-2637
Fax: 210-475-9283
Web Address:
Director: Yvette Hinojosa

Project PROMPT
4323 Division Street
Suite 110
Metairie LA 70002-3179
Voice: 504-888-9111
Fax: 504-888-0246
Web Address:
Director: Leah Knight

Public Advocacy for Kids
7471 Fountain Head Drive
Annandale VA 22003
Voice: 202-628-7460
Fax: 202-628-1893
Director: Arnold Fege, President
About Public Advocacy for Kids:
Public Advocacy for Kids is a non-profit consulting firm devoted to strengthening grassroots organization skills, building message development, and public advocacy on behalf of children, youth and public education.

Public Education Network
601 Thirteenth Street, NW
Suite 900 North
Washington DC 20005
Voice: 202-628-7460
Fax: 202-628-1893
Contact: Arnold Fege
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Wendy D. Puriefoy, President
Co-Director or other staff: Howie Schaffer, Public Outreach Manager
About Public Education Network:
Public Education Network's mission is to build public demand and mobilize resources for quality public education for all children through a national constituency of local education funds and individuals.

Pyramid Parent Training Program
4101 Fontainbleau Dr
New Orleans LA 70125
Voice: 504-827-0610
Fax: 504-827-2999
Director: Ursula Markey

Quality Education for Minorities Network
1818 N Street NW
Suite 350
Washington DC 20036
Voice: 202-659-1818
Fax: 202-659-5408
Web Address:
Director: Shirley McBay, President
About Quality Education for Minorities Network:
The QEM Network is a focal point for the implementation of strategies to help realize the vision and goals set forth in the QEM Project's report — Education That Works: An Action Plan for the Education of Minorities. QEM seeks to help unite and strengthen educational restructuring efforts to the benefits of minority children, youth, and adults, while advancing minority participation and leadership in the national debate on how best to ensure access to a quality education for all citizens.

RAISING Special Kids
4750 N Black Canyon Hwy
Suite 101
Phoenix AZ 85017-3621
Voice: 602-242-4366
Fax: 602-242-4306
Director: Joyce Millard-Hoie

Reading Is Fundamental, Inc. ®
1825 Connecticut Avenue NW
Suite 400
Washington DC 20009
Voice: 202-287-3220, 877-RIF-READ
Fax: 202-287-3196
Contact: Corrie Fisher, Senior Program Specialist
Web Address:
About Reading Is Fundamental, Inc. ®:
Reading Is Fundamental, Inc. (RIF®) develops and delivers children's and family literacy programs that help prepare young children for reading and motivate school-age children to read regularly. Through a national network of teachers, parents, and community volunteers, RIF programs provide books and other essential literacy resources to children, at no cost to them or their families. RIF focuses highest priority on the nation's neediest children, from birth to age 11.

Reading Rockets
2775 S. Quincy St.
Arlington VA 22206
Voice: 703-998-2474
Fax: 703-998-2060
Contact: Susan Petroff, Partner Relations Director
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
About Reading Rockets/ WETA:
Reading Rockets is the dynamic national reading initiative that looks at how young kids learn to read, why so many struggle, and how we can help them. It provides research-based tools and strategies to educators, parents, and anyone who cares about children. It includes web sites, television programs, a new first year teacher mentoring program, teleconferences, print guides and other research-based resources.

Reform in Education: Communities Organizing Networks for Emerging Collaborations with Teachers RE-CONNECT
Voice: 210-684-8180
Web Address:
Director: Aurelio Montemayor

Resources for Children with Special Needs, Inc.
200 Park Ave South
Suite 816
New York NY 10003
Voice: 212-677-4650
Fax: 212-254-4070
Web Address:
Director: Karen Schlesinger, Director

Rhode Island Parent Information Network
175 Main Street
Pawtucket RI 02860
Voice: 401-727-4144
Fax: 401-727-4040
Web Address:
Director: Gladys Tiede, Cheryl Collins

RMC Research
1815 N. Ft. Myer Drive
Suite 800
Arlington VA 22209
Voice: 703-558-4800
Fax: 703-558-4823
Contact: Bob Witherspoon
Web Address:
About RMC Research:
RMC is dedicated to educational research, evaluation and technical assistance that provides support to local, state and national educators in the formation of policy and the improvement of programs. It offers a range of services which assist state and local educational agencies in developing new perspectives on issues of program quality and effectiveness.

Sanctuary, Inc.
Voice: 617-475-7101
Web Address:
Director: Mildred Lujan

School Family Media, Inc.
100 Stonewall Blvd
Suite 3
Wrentham MA 02093
Voice: 800-644-3561
Contact: Tim Sullivan
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Tim Sullivan
Director E-Mail:
About School Family Media, Inc.:
School Family Media, Inc. provides a comprehensive set of tools and resources for both school PTOs and PTAs (PTO Today magazine,, and more) and for school parents ( SFM believes that parent involvement is an essential aspect of a successful school and that PTO and PTA leaders are the key troops in the battle to make schools more welcoming communities to all. All of our efforts are focused on building involved, engaged, resource-rich communities around our schools,

Sinergia/Metropolitan Parent Center
15 West 65th St 6th Floor
New York NY 10023
Voice: 212-496-1300
Fax: 212-496-5608
Web Address:
Director: Donald Lash, Executive Director

Social Science Research Group, LLC
6904 Stonewood Ct.
Rockville MD 20852
Voice: 301-770-2325
Contact: Oliver Moles
Contact E-mail:
Director: David Boesel
Director E-Mail:
About Social Science Research Group, LLC:
The Social Science Research Group conducts research and evaluations on education and other human resource topics. SSRG has done studies of two PIRCs, a summer intern program for disadvantaged students, a county vocational ed. program and others.

South Carolina Parent Assistance Project
Voice: 803-256-4670
Web Address:
Director: Marga McKee

South Carolina Parent Training & Resource Center
1575 Savannah Highway, Suite 6
Charleston SC 29407
Voice: 843-266-1318
Fax: 843-266-1941
Web Address:
Director: Bev McCarty
Director E-Mail:

South Carolina Pro-Parents
2712 Middleburg Drive
Suite 203
Columbia SC 29204
Voice: 803-779-3859
Fax: 803-252-4513
Director: Mary Eaddy

South Carolina School Improvement Council
College of Education, Wardlaw Suite 001
University of South Carolina
Columbia SC 29208
Voice: 800-868-2232
Fax: 803-777-0023
Contact: Cassie Barber, Executive Director
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Cassie Barber
Director E-Mail:
About South Carolina School Improvement Council:
The mission of South Carolina School Improvement Council (SC-SIC)is to promote and support civic engagement for quality public education statewide. South Carolina is fortunate to possess a legislatively mandated infrastructure for parent and community involvement in public education through it's more than 1,100 local School Improvement Councils - one in every public school. SC-SIC assists the more than 15,000 local SIC members by providing training and technical support and empowering the public to be effective advocates for their schools. Located in the College of Education at the University of South Carolina, SC-SIC partners with higher education, P-12 education organizations, non-profits, government agencies, and individuals who work to support public education.

South Dakota Parent Connection
3701 West 49th St
Suite 200B
Sioux Falls SD 57106
Voice: 605-361-3171
Fax: 605-361-2928
Web Address:
Director: Bev Petersen

South Dakota Parent Resource Network
Voice: 605-347-4467
Web Address:
Director: Mary Baumeister

Special Education Action Committee, Inc. Parent Assistance Center
PO Box 161274
Mobile AL 36616-2274
Voice: 800-222-7322
TTY: 251-478-1208
Fax: 251-473-7877
Contact: Beverly Burden, Administrative Assistant
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Mavis K. Smith, Director
Co-Director or other staff: Michelle Sigers, PIRC Coordinator
About Special Education Action Committee, Inc. Parent Assistance Center:
The Special Education Action Committee, Inc. (SEAC) includes the Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) and the Parent Information and Resource Center (PIRC) projects funded by the U. S. Department of Education.

Special Parent Involvement Network
10301 B Deering Road
Louisville KY 40272
Voice: 502-937-6894
Fax: 502-937-6894
Director: Paulette Logsdon

Statewide Parent Advocacy Network
35 Halsey Street 4th Floor
Newark NJ 07102
Voice: 973-642-8100
Fax: 973-642-8080
Web Address:
Director: Diana MTK Autin

Step by Step PIRC
Voice: 912-888-0999
Web Address:
Director: DeIvory Gordon

Study Circles Resource Center
A Project of The Paul J. Aicher Foundation
697 Pomfret Street
PO Box 203
Pomfret CT 06258
Voice: 860-928-2616
Fax: 860-928-3713
Contact: vL. (Sally) Campbell, Senior Program Director
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:

Support and Training for Exceptional Parents, Inc.
424 E Bernard Ave
Suite 3
Greeneville TN 37745
Voice: 423-639-0125
Fax: 423-636-8217
Web Address:
Director: Nancy Diehl

Support for Families of Children with Disabilities
2601 Mission #710
San Francisco CA 94110-3111
Voice: 415-282-7494
Fax: 415-282-1226
Director: Juno Duenas

100 West Cerritos Ave
Anaheim CA 92805
Voice: 714-533-8275
Fax: 714-533-2533
Director: Joan Tellefsen
Co-Director or other staff: Martha Anchondo

TASK, San Diego
3750 Convoy St.
Suite 303
San Diego CA 92111-3741
Voice: 858-874-2386
Fax: 858-874-2375
Director: Joan Tellefsen

Technical Assistance ALLIANCE for Parent Centers
at PACER Center
8161 Normandale Boulevard
Minneapolis MN 55437
Voice: 952-838-9000
TTY: 952-838-0190
Fax: 952-838-0199
Contact: Sue Folger, Co-Director
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Paula F. Goldberg, Executive Director
Co-Director or other staff: Sharman Davis Barrett, Co-Director
About Technical Assistance ALLIANCE for Parent Centers/ at PACER Center:
The Technical Assistance Alliance for Parent Centers is an innovative project that supports a unified technical assistance system for the purpose of developing, assisting and coordinating Parent Training and Information Projects and Community Parent Resource Centers under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). This project is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs and consists of 1 national center and 6 regional centers. The project is funded to strengthen the connections to the larger technical assistance network and fortify partnerships between parent centers and state education systems at regional and national levels. Parent Training and Information Centers (PTIs) and Community Parent Resource Centers (CPRCs) in each state provide training and information to parents of infants, toddlers, children, and youth with disabilities and to professionals who work with children. This assistance helps parents to participate more effectively with professionals in meeting the educational needs of children and youth with disabilities. The Parent Centers work to improve educational outcomes for children and youth with all disabilities (emotional, learning, mental, and physical).

Tellin' Stories Project of Teaching for Change
PO Box 73038
Washington DC 20056-3038
Voice: 202-588-7204
Contact: America Calderon, Jill Weiler
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Deborah Menkart
Director E-Mail:
About Tellin' Stories Project of Teaching for Change:
Tellin' Stories builds multi-racial parent power in schools by developing meaningful relationships among families, between families and their schools and supporting collective action to transform schools. Our emphasis on community building creates the necessary foundation for parent advocacy and organizing for school reform.

The Advocacy Center
277 Alexander St
Suite 500
Rochester NY 14607
Voice: 716-546-1700
Fax: 716-546-7069
Web Address:
Director: Cassandra Archie

The California Parental Assistance, Resources, Education, Networking, and Training PARENT Center
Voice: 619-594-3329
Web Address:
Director: John Wedemeyer

The Indiana Parent Information and Resource Center
The Indiana Partnerships Center
9325 Compton St.
Suite 108
Indianapolis IN 46240
Voice: 866-391-1039
Fax: 317-205-9790
Contact: Julie Havill Weems
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Jackie Garvey
Director E-Mail:
Co-Director or other staff: Marilyn Bassett
Co-Director or other staff E-Mail:
About The Indiana Parent Information and Resource Center/ The Indiana Partnerships Center:
Indiana's Parent Information and Resource Center funded through Office of Innovation and Improvement, USDOE. Mission is to improve family, school and community paratnerships to increase student achievement.

The National High School Alliance
4455 Connecticut Avenue NW
Suite 310
Washington DC 20008
Voice: 202-822-8405
Fax: 202-872-4050
Contact: Sara Goldware, Program Assistant
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
About The National High School Alliance:
The National High School Alliance (HS Alliance) is a partnership of over forty organizations representing a diverse cross-section of perspectives and approaches, but sharing a common commitment to promoting the excellence, equity, and development of high school-age youth.

U. S. Department of Education*
Office of Communications and Outreach
400 Maryland Avenue S.W.
Washington DC 20202
Voice: 202-401-1524
Contact: Carrie Jasper
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
About U. S. Department of Education*/ Office of Communications and Outreach:
ED ensures equal access to education and promotes educational excellence; operates programs for every area and level of education; provides grant, loan, and work-study assistance.All publications are free. Go to our website for a list of publications.

U.S. Department of Education*
Parent Information and Resource Centers (PIRCs)
400 Maryland Avenue S.W.
Washington DC 20202-6135
Voice: 202-260-2225
Fax: 202-401-8466
Contact: Patricia Kilby-Robb, Acting Parental Information and Resource Center Team Leader
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
About U.S. Department of Education*/ Parent Information and Resource Centers (PIRCs):
The Parent Information and Resource Centers (PIRCs), Title V, Part D, Subpart 16 of NCLB, are authorized to strengthen partnerships among parents and school personnel in meeting the educational needs of children (including children from birth through age 5); strengthen partnerships between parents and their children’s school; coordinate activities with those funded under section 1118 of the Act; and provide a comprehensive approach to improving student learning through coordination and integration of Federal, State, and local services and programs.

U.S. Department of Education*
Office of English Language Acquisition
(Formerly, Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs)
Potomac Center Plaza, 10th Floor
550 12th Street, SW
Washington DC 20004
Voice: 202-245-7143
Fax: 202- 245-7163
Web Address:
About U.S. Department of Education*/ Office of English Language Acquisition
(Formerly, Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs):
Full name: The Office of English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement and Academic Achievement for Limited English Proficient Students (OELA) administers Title III of the No Child Left Behind Act which provides oversight to Federally funded programs designed to meet the educational needs of English language learners in grades K-12; in-service and pre-service educators specializing in serving English language learners, and parents. The OELA Specialist for Parental, Family and Community Involvement coordinates the OELA National Advisory Team. This team is comprised of a cross-section of parents, teachers, administrators, and community organizations who assist language minority parents (and guardians) to become involved in the educational process and aware of their rights, responsibilities, and opportunities under the Law. OELA implements its National "Catch Our Rising Stars Summit" conference each year to provide parents, teachers, administrators, community leaders, and others the latest information and resources to promote high quality education for English language learners (traditionally known as "limited English proficient students").

U.S. Department of Education*
OII, Office of Parental Options and Information
400 Maryland Avenue S.W.
FB-6, Rm 4W221
Washington DC 20202
Voice: 202-260-0911
Fax: 202-205-5630
Contact: Rosie E. Kelley
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Anna Hinton, Ph.D.
About U.S. Department of Education*/ OII, Office of Parental Options and Information:
The office awards competitive grants to nonprofit organizations and consortia of nonprofit organizations and school districts to establish school-linked or school-based parental information and resource centers. The purpose is to provide training, information, and support to parents, and to individuals and organizations that work with parents, to implement parental involvement strategies that lead to improvements in student academic achievement. Grants are distributed to all geographic regions of the United States.

U.S. Department of Education*
Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
400 Maryland Avenue S.W.
Washington DC 20202
Voice: 202-205-5465
Web Address:
About U.S. Department of Education*/ Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services:
The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) supports programs that assist in educating children with special needs, provides for the rehabilitation of youth and adults with disabilities, and supports research to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities.

U.S. Department of Education*
Office of Elementary and Secondary Education
Student Achievement and School Accountability Programs
400 Maryland Avenue S.W.
Washington DC 20202
Voice: 202-260-0826
Fax: 202-260-7764
Contact: Rosemary Fennell, Sr. Program Analyst, Office of Elementary & Secondary Education (OESE), Student Achievement, School Accountability Programs (SASA)
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
About U.S. Department of Education*/ Office of Elementary and Secondary Education
Student Achievement and School Accountability Programs:
Early Childhood Educator Professional Development Program
Early Reading First (Title I, Part B, Subpart 2)
Education for Homeless Children and Youth - Grants for State and Local Activities
Enhanced Assessment Grants
Even Start
Even Start Discretionary Grant to a Prison that Houses Women and Children
Even Start Family Literacy Program Grants for Indian Tribes and Tribal Organizations
Even Start Formula Grants to States (Title I, Part B, Subpart 3)
Even Start Statewide Family Literacy Initiative Grants
Migrant Education Even Start
Improving Basic Programs Operated by Local Educational Agencies (Title I, Part A)
Neglected and Delinquent State Agency and Local Educational Agency Program (Title I, Part D)

U.S. Department of Education*
Office of Migrant Education
400 Maryland Avenue S.W.
Washington DC 20202-6135
Voice: 202-260-1164
Fax: 202-205-0089
Contact: Edith Harvey
Web Address:
About U.S. Department of Education*/ Office of Migrant Education:
The Office of Migrant Education works to improve teaching and learning for migratory children. Programs and projects administered by OME are designed to enable children whose families migrate to find work in agricultural, fishing, and timber industries to meet the same challenging academic content and student performance standards that are expected of all children. The migrant education program is based on the premise that migrant children, although affected by poverty and the migrant lifestyle can and should have the opportunity to realize their full academic potential.

U.S. Department of Justice*
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP)
810 7th Street NW
8th Floor
Washington DC 20531
Voice: 202-307-5911
Contact: Robin Delany-Shabazz, Program Manager
Web Address:
Director: Donni LeBoeuf, Senior Program Manager
Director E-Mail:
About U.S. Department of Justice*/ Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP):
The mission of the OJJDP is to provide national leadership, coordination, and resources to prevent and respond to juvenile delinquency and victimization. OJJDP accomplishes this by supporting states and local communities in their efforts to develop and implement effective and coordinated prevention and intervention programs and improve the juvenile justice system so that it protects the public safety, holds offenders accountable, and provides treatment and rehabilitative services tailored to the needs of families and each individual juvenile.

United We Stand
312 South 3rd Street
Brooklyn NY 11211
Voice: 718-302-4313
Fax: 718-302-4315
Web Address:
Director: Lourdes Revera-Putz

1472 Tremont
Roxbury Crossing MA 02120
Voice: 617-445-3191
Fax: 617-445-6309
Director: Charlotte R. Spinkston

Utah Family Center
5192 South Greenpine Drive
Salt Lake City UT 84123
Voice: 801-266-6166
Web Address:
Director: Joyce Muhlestein

Utah Parent Center
2290 East 4500 S
Suite 110
Salt Lake City UT 84117-4428
Voice: 801-272-1051
Fax: 801-272-8907
Web Address:
Director: Helen Post

#2 Nye Gade St
Thomas USVI 00802
Voice: 340-774-1662
Fax: 340-774-1662
Web Address:
Director: Catherine Rehema Glenn

Vermont Family Resource Partnership
Voice: 802-388-3171
Web Address:
Director: Bill Mayers

Vermont Parent Information and Resource Center Organization
600 Blair Park Road
Ste 240
Williston VT 05495
Voice: 800-800-4005
Fax: 802-876-6291
Contact: MaryBeth Pinard-Brace
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Kathleen Kilbourne
Director E-Mail:
Co-Director or other staff: Dr. Jay Morris
Co-Director or other staff E-Mail:
About Vermont Parent Information and Resource Center Organization:
PIRC Vermont, a project of the Vermont Family Network in partnership with the Parent Child Center Network of Vermont, provides information and training for parents and educators to improve family involvement and help children succeed in school.

Vermont Parent Information Center
1 Mill Street
Suite A7
Burlington VT 05401
Voice: 802-658-5315
Fax: 802-658-5395
Web Address:
Director: Connie Curtin

Vietnamese Parents of Disabled Children Assoc., Inc.
7526 Syracuse Ave
Stanton CA 90680
Voice: 310-370-6704
Fax: 310-542-0522
Director: My-Lihn Duvan, President

Village-Virgin Island Partners In Recovery
Voice: 340-573-3784
Director: Chanie Langen

Virginia Parent Information and Resource Center
Voice: 757-441-2045
Web Address:
Director: Susan Goranson

Washington PAVE
6316 South 12th St
Suite B
Tacoma WA 98465
Voice: 253-565-2266
Fax: 253-566-8052
Web Address:
Director: Heather Hebdon

Websters International, Inc.
5729 Cloverland Place
Brentwood TN 37027
Voice: 800-727-6833
Fax: 615-373-1030
Contact: Virginia Schmidt, Director, Public Relations
Web Address:
About Websters International, Inc.:
Websters International publishes The Bowdoin Method of Parent Education which empowers parents with the skills and knowledge necessary to lay the proper foundation for their child's successes in school and in life, while providing a loving and nurturing home environment. It educates parents in both the skill and emotional domains and involves them at the most important time of their child's life.

West Virginia PTI
371 Broaddus Ave
Clarkson WV 26301
Voice: 304-624-1436
Fax: 304-624-1438
Web Address:
Director: Pat Haberbosch

2775 S. Quincy St.
Arlington VA 22206
Voice: 703-998-2001
Fax: 703-998-2060
Contact: Rachael Walker, Partner Relations
Contact E-mail:
Web Address:
Director: Tina Chovanec
Director E-Mail:
About WETA:
Reading Rockets is the dynamic national reading initiative that looks at how young kids learn to read, why so many struggle, and how we can help them. It provides research-based tools and strategies to educators, parents, and anyone who cares about children. It includes web sites, television programs, professional development tools, video author interviews, teleconferences, print guides and other research-based resources.

Wisconsin Family Assistance Center for Education, Training and Support
2714 North Dr. Martin Luther King Dr
Suite E
Milwaukee WI 53212
Voice: 414-374-4645
TTY: 414-374-4635
Fax: 414-374-4655
Director: Janis M. Serak

YWCA of Greater Baton Rouge, Inc.
Voice: 504-926-3820
Web Address:
Director: Frances Williams





* indicates individuals actively participating in NCPIE whose organizations are not members


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