Putting Partnerships Into Practice

Resources for Parents and Families

There are currently 127 resources for Parents and Families in the NCPIE database.

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Grandparent Information Center
601 E Street NW
Washington DC 20049
Voice: 800-424-3410
Fax: 202-434-6470
Web Address: www.aarp.org/grandparents/

Resource Title: Grandparents Raising Their Grandchildren: What to Consider and Where to Find Help
Price: Free
Description: An online resource for grandparents who are sole caregivers for grandchildren.

Resource Title: Parenting Grandchildren: A Voice for Grandparents
Price: Free
Description: A newsletter written to meet the needs of grandparents who are raising their grandchildren and professionals who serve them.

Resource Title: Support Groups for Raising Grandchildren
Price: Free
Description: A web page dedicated to helping grandparents who are sole caregivers for their grandchildren join and form support groups.

Resource Title: Welfare Reform and Your Family
Price: Free
Description: An examination of how welfare reform has affected grandparents raising grandchildren.

Alaska Parent Information and Resource Center
210 Ferry
Juneau AK 99801
Voice: 907.586.6806
Fax: 907.463-3811
Contact: Julie Staley
Contact E-mail: julies@serrc.org
Web Address: www.akpirc.org

Resource Title: Parent Guides
Price: Free
Author: AKPIRC
Description: AKPIRC has a assortment of guides that share information with families on ESEA, state accountability, why parent involvement is important, and how parents can be more involved. Most guides are written at two levels, in-depth and an overview.

Resource Title: PowerPoint trainings for families
Price: Free
Author: AKPIRC
Description: AKPIRC offers an assortment of ready to use PowerPoint presentations that school staff and communities can use to share with families. Topics include: understanding Alaska's statewide tests, helping children develop language skills, and more.

American Federation of Teachers
555 New Jersey Avenue NW
Washington DC 20001
Voice: 202-393-4272
Fax: 202-393-6371
Contact: Rosalind LaRocque
Contact E-mail: rlarocqu@aft.org
Web Address: www.aft.org

Resource Title: How Parents & Families Can Communicate Better With Teachers and School Staff
Price: Free
Description: Helping Your Child Succeed: The third in the Helping your Child Succeed series, this covers communications between parents and school staff.

Resource Title: Helping Your Child Succeed: How Parents Can Work with Schools and Communities to Help their Children Meet High Standards
Price: Free
Description: The second in the Helping your Child Succeed series, this covers relations between the family and the community, with topics about monitoring your child's part time job, supporting zero tolerance for violence, etc.

Resource Title: Helping Your Child Succeed: What Parents & Families Can Do at Home to Help their Children Meet High Standards
Price: Free
Description: The first in the Helping your Child Succeed pamphlet series, this offers tips to use at home to help children achieve success at school.

America's Promise — The Alliance for Youth
909 N Washington Street
Suite 400
Alexandria VA 22314
Voice: 703-684-4500, 800-365-0153 x3835
Fax: 703-535-3900
Contact: Kris Minor
Contact E-mail: KrisM@americaspromise.org
Web Address: www.americaspromise.org

Resource Title: Communities of Promise Toolkit: "How to Become a Community of Promise"
Price: Free
Description: This toolkit contains information and resources on how to make your community a Community of Promise by increasing resources and opportunities for young people. The following guides are available: "Becoming a Community of Promise: Proven Strategies That Are Working," "Guide to Conducting a Needs Assessment," "Community of Promise Implementation Pack," "Neighborhood Planning Guide" and "City/County Planning Guide."

Resource Title: Making a Difference -- Saving Our Kids
Price: $12.00
Description: This 30-minute video features examples of how America's Promise commitment makers are keeping their promise to our nation's youth. Guests include: former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford, General Powell, Janet Jackson, Carlos Santana, Oprah Winfrey, Rita Morena and Hugh O'Brien.

Annenberg Institute for Social Reform
1640 Roxanna Road NW
Washington DC 20012
Voice: 202-882-1582
Fax: 202-882-2138
Contact: Anne T. Henderson, Senior Consultant, Community Involvement Program
Web Address: steinhardt.nyu.edu/iesp/

Resource Title: Demystifying the Data
Price: Free
Description: This information sheet is aimed at making NYC school data accessible and understandable. Each sheet is devoted to one issue (such as performance budgeting) and explains it in a jargon-free manner. Included in School Watch.

Resource Title: School Watch
Price: Free
Description: This newsletter provides community groups with information on NYC public school performance and examples of school reform strategies in action. It purpose is to encourage more groups to become involved in school improvement. Published quarterly.

Resource Title: Various Reports and Evaluation Studies
Price: Free
Description: Published evaluation studies on programs such as the cost-effectiveness of small schools, reorganizing NYC special education programs, and privatizing public schools.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
1703 N Beauregard
Alexandria VA 22311
Voice: 703-575-5610
Fax: 703-575-5408
Contact: Barbara Gleason
Web Address: www.ascd.org

Resource Title: The Brain and Learning
Price: $590.00 (Members $490.00).
Author: Marian Diamond, Pat Wolfe, Eric Jensen, Geoffrey Caine, Robert Sylvester
Description: Video Series. includes the videotape What Parents Need to Know. (ASCD video, 1998) Four 20- to 30-minute videotapes and a Facilitator's Guide. This video series explains how the brain functions and shows examples of elementary through high school classrooms where teachers are applying brain-based principles to enhance learning. It also encourages parents to become full partners in the effort to make education more brain friendly.

Resource Title: Classroom Leadership and Classroom Leadership Online
Price: Free online. Paper copies $3.00 each.
Description: Classroom Leadership Online is the online sister publication of Classroom Leadership. It is published 9 times a year (monthly except January, June, and July) and is linked thematically to Educational Leadership, ASCD's magazine. Classroom Leadership Online is a free publication that helps readers explore education topics, as seen through teachers' eyes and heard through teachers' voices.

Resource Title: How to Make Homework More Meaningful by Involving Parents
Price: $95 (Members $79).
Author: Joyce Epstein
Description: (Video, 2001) This 15-minute videotape is part of ASCD's How-To video series. It demonstrates how to use homework to strengthen students' skills and make learning more meaningful. This video features assignments that help students establish regular schedules, and demonstrate and discuss what they've learned, strategies for initiating and encouraging family participation, and ways to follow-up assignments with class discussion and demonstration.

Resource Title: InfoBrief
Price: Individual copies are $4.50 each.
Description: Published four times per year, ASCD Infobrief provides concise information on current education issues to administrators, teachers, families, policymakers, journalists, and others. Subscription is included in ASCD Premium membership.

Resource Title: Parents As Partners in Schooling
Price: $34.95
Description: ASCD's PD Online course is designed to help educators and parents understand they are equal partners in schooling and to provide resources that support effective parent involvement programs. The interactive, multimedia format allows you flexibility to develop your knowledge and skills at a time that fits your schedule. Course includes interactive lessons that have been specially designed for Web-based training. Each lesson is supplemented with extensive reading material and access to discussion groups.

Center for Law and Education
1875 Connecticut Ave NW
Suite 510
Washington DC 20009
Voice: 202-986-3000
Fax: 202-986-6648
Web Address: cleweb.org

Resource Title: Parents are Powerful
Price: $2. Bulk orders available for as low as $1 per copy.
Description: 32 pages. 1997. A full-color guide written for a general parent audience, it gives parents practical advice to guide their children from preschool through high school. It also informs them of their rights and what to expect from key federal programs like Title I, IDEA, and Vocational Education. Available in Spanish.

Resource Title: Powerful Schools Handbook: Starting and Running a Collaborative School Improvement Program
Price: $19.95
Description: 148 pp. This is a true grassroots guide to organizing in neighborhoods to make schools and communities stronger. It is based on the experience of four public elementary schools and several community groups in Seattle, Wash., but its message is universal. The Powerful Schools Handbook tells how to start an effort to improve student performance while building stronger communities; outlines fundraising and managing volunteers; describes family involvement and community involvement; and explains the role of community schools and their adult education programs in improving outcomes for children. It also includes samples of all the materials used by Powerful Schools. Published by One Court Street Press.

Resource Title: Urgent Message for Parents
Price: $3 single copy. See order form for discounts on multiple copies.
Author: Anne Henderson, Anne Lewis, Kathy Boundy, Paul Weckstein, Larry Searcy
Description: 16 pp. In English. 2000. This guide answers parents' questions about standards -- what do they mean for my child, what if my child didn't pass the test, how can I help my children learn what they need to know? It gives examples of high and low level student work, explains the difference between the new and the old tests, and tells how families can improve student achievement. This is an excellent resource for staff development, parent training and conferences.

Children's Aid Society
105 East 22nd Street
New York NY 10010
Voice: 212-949-4800
Fax: 917-286-1580
Contact: Sarah Jonas, Director of Curriculum
Contact E-mail: sarahj@childrensaidsociety.org
Web Address: www.childrensaidsociety.org

Resource Title: Building A Community School
Description: A description of the Children's Aid Society community school model and a workbook/guide on to how to start a community school in your own community.

Resource Title: CAS News
Price: Free
Description: A newsletter for friends and supporters of the Children's Aid Society. Read about Children's Aid's amazing array of arts programs, the innovative Medicaid Enrollment project, and other society happenings.

Council for Exceptional Children
1110 North Glebe Road
Arlington VA 22201
Voice: 800-224-6830
Fax: 703-620-4334
Contact: Deb Ziegler, Associate Executive Director
Web Address: www.cec.sped.org

Resource Title: The ADD/ADHD Checklist: An Easy Reference for Parents & Teachers
Price: $17.75 (CEC Members $16.00)
Author: Sandra Rief
Description: This upbeat and encouraging book presents the latest on ADD/ADHD in a fast-paced, concise format. Through a series of checklists the author first distills basic information on the condition-traits, diagnosis, treatment schemes, medication-then gives special information and advice to parents and teachers, presents academic and behavioral strategies, and explains resources available. A section on ADD/ADHD and the law (IDEA and 504) will be especially useful in explaining where a student with ADD/ADHD stands in terms of special education services.

Resource Title: College Planning for Gifted Students, Second Edition, Revised
Price: $24.00 (CEC Members $16.80)
Author: Sandra L. Berger
Description: Use this step-by-step guide for discovering the right fit between student and college. Helps students examine personal goals, values, and learning styles. Describes how to figure out what a college is really like. Revised edition includes information on how to get college planning information from the Internet.

Resource Title: Kids with Special Needs: Information and Activities to Promote Awareness and Understanding
Price: $16.95
Author: Veronica Getskow and Dee Konczal
Description: A great sourcebook designed to help children-and adults-develop an understanding and empathy for individuals with disabilities. Pages of reproducible material provide simulations, games, and activities. Gives background on communicative, developmental, physical, and learning disabilities. Ideal for parents and teachers who want to understand more about inclusive classrooms, planning an IEP, and meeting their child's needs.

Resource Title: Practical Ideas for Addressing Challenging Behaviors
Price: $12.00
Description: This monograph shows how you can more effectively prevent, identify, and address challenging behaviors by taking a positive behavioral approach. Research-based strategies written in accessible language are accompanied by examples of how strategies are implemented in real-life situations in early childhood programs at home.

Resource Title: Raising Your Child to Be Gifted: Successful Parents Speak!
Price: $16.80 (CEC Members $11.76)
Author: James Reed Campbell

Resource Title: Secrets of Discipline for Parents and Teachers: 12 Keys for Raising Responsible Children
Price: Book (#S5285) is $12.95, Video (#S5286) is $18.95. Set (#S5290) is $29.95
Author: Ronald G. Morrish
Description: Find out why behavior management alone fails. Learn about teaching compliance, setting limits, developing good habits and encouraging good decision making. Learn the importance of planning and commitment. Especially helpful in working with children who have ADHD. Video features popular speaker Ron Morrish.

Resource Title: Successfully Parenting Your Baby with Special Needs
Price: $49.95
Description: This new video will both educate and encourage parents who are expecting or have given birth to a baby with special needs. Both parents and experts in the field of pediatrics explain early intervention. Compassionate testimonials from parents, grandparents, and professionals underscore the need to teach parents in utilizing the early intervention approach. The success stories of babies with special needs who are thriving as a result of early intervention offer inspiration and guidance.

Resource Title: Taking Charge of ADHD: The Complete Authoritative Guide for Parents
Price: $17.75 (CEC Members $16.00)
Author: Russell A. Barkley
Description: A wise and compassionate book for parents and professionals that points the way toward a positive approach for managing children and youth with ADHD. Presents pioneering research that provides insight into preventing the disorder from becoming a major problem for family life. Provides suggestions on how to manage ADHD behavior in everyday situations. Presents information on a variety of medications.

Resource Title: Teaching a Young Child to Read
Price: $16.95
Author: Wood Smethhurst
Description: Good instruction is good instruction is good instruction! And good reading instruction may prevent the need for special education placement for some children. This book was written for parents, but presents such solid, time-tested basic reading instruction methodology that any practitioner faced with beginning or non-readers should also have a copy. Although designed for use with children up to age 7, it is also useful for remediation for somewhat older children. In fact, the systematic phonics instruction can be adapted for any age.

Devereux Foundation
Devereux Early Childhood Initiative
444 Devereux Drive
Villanova PA 19085
Voice: 610-542-3109
Fax: 610-542-4468
Contact: Susan Damico, Director of Operations for the Devereux Early Childhood Initiative
Contact E-mail: sdamico@devereux.org
Web Address: www.devereuxearlychildhood.org

Resource Title: Devereux Early Childhood Assessment
Price: $39.95 for 40 (English and Spanish available)
Author: Paul LeBuffe and Jack Naglieri
Description: The assessment tool is a standardized, norm-referenced, strength-based assessment of protective factors and resilience in preschool agend children. Parents and teachers both complete this assessment in order to better help each individualize and plan to help the child develop strong social/emotional skills.

District Community Voices Organized and Informed for Change in Education (DC Voice)
P.O. Box 73055
Washington DC 20056
Voice: 202-986-8535
Fax: 202-238-0109
Contact: Erika Landberg, Senior Associate for Community Engagement
Contact E-mail: elandberg@dcvoice.org
Web Address: www.dcvoice.org

Resource Title: The Demand for Information for Educational Decision Making in the District of Columbia: A Public Discourse
Price: Free on request; on Web site
Author: Michele Moser, Heath Brown, Barbara Frank, George Washington University; Tahi Reynolds, Ph.D., Erika Landberg, Alyssa Alston, Samuel Rosaldo, DC VOICE
Description: This report on the education information study conducted by DC VOICE and the Public Education Research Consortium (PERC) contains three sections: 1. Major findings from other states and districts with exemplary information systems 2. Washington DC survey and focus group results 3. Implications and recommendations. Both the full report and the abridged version, Information Please!, are available on the DC VOICE Web site.

Families and Schools Together, Inc.
2801 International Lane
Suite 212
Madison WI 53704
Voice: 608-663-2382
Fax: 608-663-2336
Web Address: www.familiesandschools.org

Resource Title: After-School Multifamily Groups: A Randomized Controlled Trial Involving Low-Income Latino Children
Price: Free
Author: McDonald, Moberg, Brown
Description: Prevention of drug abuse with the Families and Schools Together (FAST) Program

Resource Title: Families and Schools Together: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Multi-Family Support Groups for Children At Risk
Price: Free
Author: Kratochwill, McDonald, Levin, Scalia, Coover
Description: Prevention of Special Education Referrals with the Families and Schools Together (FAST) Program

Families and Work Institute
330 Seventh Avenue
New York NY 10001
Voice: 212-465-2044
Fax: 212-465-8637
Contact: Ellen Galinsky
Web Address: www.familiesandwork.org

Resource Title: Ask the Children
Price: Paperback - Pub. #V99-01P $14.00, Hardcover - Pub. #V99-01 $25.00
Author: Ellen Galinsky
Description: 1999. This study reveals surprising new facts and comprehensive practical ideas for the millions of mothers and fathers struggling to manage work and family life. Ask the Children is the first book to ask children what they really think about work, family, and many other topics. Parents will hear children's perceptions and opinions - both reassuring and insightful. Ellen Galinsky proposes a new conceptual model for understanding how work and family affect our lives.

Resource Title: Community Mobilization: Strategies to Support Children and Their Families
Price: $22.00 Pub. #C96-01.
Author: Amy Laura Dombro, Nina Sazer O'Donnell, Ellen Galinsky, Sarah Gilkeson Melcher, and Abby Farber
Description: 1996. 372 pages. This comprehensive guide will lead you through the practical steps needed to turn your vision for community-based action for children and families into reality. The book includes detailed descriptions of successful community collaborations around the country, as well as tips from the service providers, businesses, policy-makers and parents involved. A must for anyone working to create systemic change to improve the quality of services in his or her community.

Family Friendly Schools
411 N. Main Street
Galax VA 24333
Voice: 800-890-7794
Fax: 276-236-9979
Contact: Sam Bartlett, CEO
Web Address: www.familyfriendlyschools.com

Resource Title: Making Your School Family Friendly
Price: $8.00
Author: Constantino, Steven M
Description: Making Your School Family Friendly is specifically designed for high schools to understand the processess necessary to implement explicit family engagement programs to support the academic achievement of high school students.

Resource Title: Take This Job and Love It!
Price: $15.00
Author: King, Jerry
Description: As a highly successful speaker, educator and author, Jerry King is known to educators as the “Attitude Doctor”. Jerry utilizes his unique and effective speaking style to motivate, inspire, and enrich the careers of educators around the country. His experience as a classroom teacher and school administrator enables him to effectively connect with his audience. He had been identified as one of “America’s Training Experts for Educators.” Jerry's most requested seminars are based on his wildly successful book: Take this Job and Love It: The 6 Dynamic Strategies of Successful Teaching.

Harvard Family Research Project
Longfellow Hall, Appian Way
Cambridge MA 02138
Voice: 617-495-9108
Fax: 617-495-8594
Contact: Margaret Caspe
Web Address: www.hfrp.org

Resource Title: Early Childhood Digest: Families and Teachers as Partners
Price: Free
Author: Holly Kreider
Description: March, 1998. Early Childhood Digest is a quarterly report on ways that families and schools can work together to help young children learn and grow. This issue provides information on what parents and teachers can do to work together more effectively.

Resource Title: Early Childhood Digest: Family Involvement in Early Childhood Programs: How to choose the right program for your child
Price: Free
Author: Priscilla M.D. Little
Description: May, 1998. This issue looks at what parent involvement is and how families and schools can choose early childhood programs that encourage family involvement.

Hispanic Policy Development Project
122 East 42nd Street
42nd Floor
New York NY 10168
Voice: 202-822-8414
Contact: Siobhan O. Nicolau, President

Resource Title: Queridos padres, en los Estados Unidos la escuela es nuestra tambien
Description: Parent booklets that contain empathetic messages in Spanish to U.S. Hispanic families explaining the importance of families in education and how families can work with the schools their children attend.

Resource Title: You're a Parent . . . You're a Teacher, Too. Join the Education Team.
Description: Parent booklets that contain empathetic messages in English to U.S. Hispanic families explaining the importance of families in education and how families can work with the schools their children attend.

MegaSkills Education Center of the Home and School Institute
1500 Massachusetts Ave NW
Special Projects Office/Ste. 042
Washington DC 20005
Voice: 202-466-3633
Fax: 202-833-1400
Contact: Dorothy Rich, President
Web Address: www.MegaSkillsHSI.org

Resource Title: Age and grade differentiated MegaSkills Books: new for 2003
Price: check with Institute for kit pricing
Description: Age and grade differentiated MegaSkills Books new for 2003:
Preschool MegaSkills
Early Elementary MegaSkills
Upper Elementary MegaSkills
Middle School MegaSKills
School-Home Connections
Administrator Guide

National Association of Elementary School Principals
1615 Duke Street
Alexandria VA 22314
Voice: 703-684-3345
Fax: 703-548-6021
Contact: Raven Padgett, Director of Communications and Public Information
Contact E-mail: rpadgett@naesp.org
Web Address: www.naesp.org

Resource Title: Raising a Reader: Advice to Parents of Young Readers
Price: NAESP member: $12.00; non-member: $16.00. Sold in packages of 25.
Description: National Association of Elementary School Principals and World Book Educational Products Answers to the questions parents ask educators. Reading is the tool a child needs most at school, and it is essential for success in nearly every job or career. This practical booklet offers good ideas and encouragement to parents who want to make reading a priority. Topics include:
  • when to start reading to your child
  • ways to boost a child's reading abilities
  • identifying reading problems that parents can help solve at home
  • helping children enjoy reading
  • and more.

Resource Title: ABC’s of Effective Parent Communication
Price: $26.95
Author: by Dyan Hershman and Emma McDonald
Description: Principals understand the importance of working closely with parents to ensure student success. This book gives you concrete guidelines on every aspect of communicating with parents, including making initial contact with parents, staying in touch with phone calls, e-mails, and conferences, talking about student behavior and academic progress, and keeping parents involved as volunteers, tutors and chaperones at events. A great resource for all administrators!

Resource Title: Strengthening the Connection between School and Home
Price: $26.95
Author: NAESP in cooperation with Educational Research Service
Description: Principals play a key role in promoting a strong partnership between a school and its families and in the empowerment of parents to positively affect the education of their children. This book tells you how to give parents that power, as you strengthen the connection between home and school.

National Association of School Psychologists
4340 East West Highway
Suite 402
Bethesda MD 20814
Voice: 301-657-0270
Fax: 301-657-0275
Web Address: www.nasponline.org

Resource Title: Communique For Parents
Description: NASP's Newsletter for parents. Includes articles on Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), social skills and grade retention.

National Association of Secondary School Principals
1904 Association Drive
Reston VA 22090
Voice: 703-860-0200
Fax: 703-476-5362
Contact: Josephine Franklin
Contact E-mail: franklinj@principals.org
Web Address: www.nassp.org

Resource Title: Building Parent Involvement Practitioner
Price: $2 (members), $3 (non-members).
Author: Leon Lynn
Description: May, 1994. This newsletter defines the scope of the challenge, innovative programs in eight urban schools, and Epstein's six types of cooperation among families, schools and other community organizations.

Resource Title: Creating Our Future: Parents as Partners in Education
Price: $54.95 (members), $59.95 (non-members).
Description: High School Magazine, March 1995. Establishing strong school-home partnerships, preparing students for college success, updating the secondary school business curriculum, evaluating support staff members.

Resource Title: From Information to Interaction: Involving Parents in the Literacy Development of Their Adolescent
Price: $12 (members), $15 (non-members).
Author: James A. Rycik
Description: Bulletin. October 1998.

Resource Title: Helping Students Develop Self-Motivation: A Sourcebook for Parents and Educators
Price: $9.00
Author: Donald R. Grossnickle
Description: 1989. 32 pp. Parents and educators must work together to provide opportunities for students to develop self-motivation and self-management skills. This book is a blueprint for working with students.

Resource Title: Helping Your Kid Make The Grade
Price: $2.50
Author: Sandy Dornbusch
Description: 1986. 12 pp. A university professor teamed up with high school principals to find out how family life affects school performance. This booklet describes their conclusions and suggests how educators and parents can help students make the grade.

Resource Title: How Parents and Students Can Enrich the Work of a Community of Learners
Price: $12 (members), $15 (non-members).
Author: Anne Wescott-Dodd
Description: Bulletin. February 1999.

Resource Title: Schools in the Middle
Price: Each issue is $5.00 (Members), $7.00 (Non-members).
Description: Publication of the NASSP. Some issues specific to parent involvement include "Parental Involvement." September/October 1997. "Parent, Family, and Community Involvement in the Middle Grades." Schools in the Middle. March 1999. "Families Play a Role.". May/June 1999.

National Association of State Boards of Education
NASBE Policy Clearinghouse
2121 Crystal Drive Suite #350
Arlington VA 22202
Voice: 703.684.4000
Fax: 703.836.2313
Web Address: www.nasbe.org

Resource Title: Winning Ways: Creating Inclusive Schools, Classrooms, and Communities
Price: $12.00
Description: 1995, 48 pp. This follow-up report to Winners All takes an in-depth look at the roles a variety of groups and organizations (including teachers, parents, board members, administrators, and higher education) can play in promoting inclusive education. Based on individual interviews and focus group discussions with people actually involved in creating inclusive educational settings, Winning Ways provides each group with recommendations, strategies for action, and pitfalls to be avoided.

National Center for Education and the Economy
700 11th Street NW
Suite 750
Washington DC 20001
Voice: 202-783-3668
Fax: 202-783-3672
Web Address: www.ncee.org

Resource Title: For Our Children: A Parent's Guide to New Standards
Price: Free
Description: Most Americans, particularly parents, believe that the expectations, or standards, that schools hold for our children are too low. Research, common sense and experience show us that raising expectations -- setting higher standards -- helps our children learn more. Research shows that students learn more when expectations are higher. The following pages illustrate how New Standards taps that desire to learn and helps children like yours live up to their academic promise.

Resource Title: New Standards® Primary Literacy Standards
Price: $45.00
Description: The New Standards Primary Literacy Standards give teachers and parents examples of the kind of reading and writing that children should be able to do in kindergarten through 3rd grade. Drawn from real classrooms, these work samples even include a CD-ROM of recordings of children reading specially identified books that allow adults to rate their progress against the standards. The New Standards Primary Literacy Standards are an unprecedented set of grade-by-grade expectations in reading and writing for students in kindergarten through 3rd grade. They state what primary grade students should know and be able to do, and how well they should be able to perform. The Primary Literacy Standards challenge traditional classroom practice by giving equal weight to the teaching of reading and writing, linking the skills in one to the other.

Resource Title: What Parents Need to Know About Reading and Writing
Price: $3.00
Description: Parents want to help their children become better readers and writers. To be able to do this, parents have to know what the standards are and how good is good enough when it comes to reading and writing in the primary grades. To help parents, New StandardsTM has created a clearly written and vividly illustrated handbook for parents. What parents need to know about reading & writing provides examples of what books children should be reading and samples of how they should be writing for grades kindergarten through third grade. At each grade level, the handbook provides tips that can help children meet their grade level expectations. These tips are displayed as a convenient, tear-out poster at the back of the handbook. With the information in this handbook, parents can make reading and writing a fun family experience. This handbook is a companion to the award-winning Reading & Writing: grade by grade — primary literacy standards for kindergarten through third grade

Resource Title: Thinking for a Living – Education and the Wealth of Nations
Author: Ray Marshall and Marc Tucker
Description: You'll immediately understand how this groundbreaking book found its way to the top of the most influential American policymaker's reading lists - including President Bill Clinton's, who recommended the book to his entire staff. Why the widespread popularity? Because authors Ray Marshall and National Center on Education and the Economy President Marc Tucker present the most timely and compelling report available on the current state of our education system, and the enormous chasm that needs to be crossed between our students' preparedness and their abilities to function in a new economy. The need for education reform is real, the timeline is urgent, and the necessity for families, communities, and businesses to maximize the skills of future workers will never have a greater impact on our quality of life.

National Center for Family Literacy
325 West Main Street
Suite 300
Louisville KY 40202
Voice: 502-584-1133 x134
Fax: 502-584-0172
Contact: Brenda W. Logan, Director School Reform Initiatives
Contact E-mail: blogan@famlit.org
Web Address: www.famlit.org

Resource Title: Training
Price: See Website
Description: The National Center for Family Literacy is the premiere organization for the delivery of family literacy training. Emphasizing the most recent language and literacy research, our training distills proven methods into practical solutions.

Resource Title: PACT Time in the Elementary School Video Kit
Price: $75
Description: PACT Time in the Elementary School Video Kit This video kit provides teachers and/or parents the opportunity to see PACT Time for school-age children (ages 5-12)in action. The kit includes one 12-minute video, one facilitator's guide, 10 participants' manuals, and 20 completion certificates. It is designed to facilitate both an overview training session and a more in-depth training session for those who are interested in implementing interactive literacy activities with parents and children in the elementary school setting. (2001)

Resource Title: Pathways: A Primer for Family Literacy Program Design and Development
Price: $21
Description: This practical guide traces the steps for starting and maintaining a quality family literacy program, from initial community assessment to strategies for success that include evaluation, recruitment and retention, and raising public awareness. The book offers insights to program planning based on 10 years experience in family literacy implementation and training.

Resource Title: Recruitment and Retention for Family Literacy Programs Kit
Price: $55
Description: Tools, resources and guidance that every literacy program needs. This kit includes a guidebook filled with straightforward ideas for engaging adult students and keeping them motivated.

National Community Education Association
3929 Old Lee Highway
Suite 91-A
Fairfax VA 22030
Voice: 703-359-8973
Fax: 703-359-0972
Contact: Beth Robertson
Contact E-mail: brobertson@ncea.com
Web Address: www.ncea.com

Resource Title: Reforming Public Schools through Community Education
Price: 1–9 copies: $24.95, 10+ copies: $19.96
Author: Jack D. Minzey and Clyde E. LeTarte
Description: Authors Jack Minzey and Clyde LeTarte offer an up-to-date analysis of the status of education today, with a prescription for hope and a method for action through community education. Minzey and LeTarte clearly explain community education in practice and philosophy and show how community education is the framework for creating learning communities called for in virtually every reform effort.

National Crime Prevention Council
1000 Connecticut Ave., NW
Thirteenth Floor
Washington DC 20036
Voice: 202-261-4160
Fax: 202-296-1356
Contact: Meghan Sharp, Program Manager
Contact E-mail: msharp@ncpc.org
Web Address: www.ncpc.org

Resource Title: Be Safe and Sound - School Safety Resources
Price: Free
Description: NCPC's Be Safe & Sound campaign is an effort to get parents and caregivers involved in increasing the safety and security of their children’s schools. To that end, NCPC has produced two resources: "Caregivers’ Guide to School Safety and Security," and "School Safety and Security Toolkit: A Guide for Parents, Schools, and Communities." Visit www.ncpc.org/besafe for more information and to sign up for our newsletter.

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY)
1825 Connecticut Ave NW
Suite 700
Washington DC 20009
Voice: 800-695-0285, 202-884-8200
TTY: (800) 695-0285; (202) 884-8200
Fax: 202-884-8441
Contact: Information Specialist
Contact E-mail: nichcy@aed.org
Web Address: www.nichcy.org

Resource Title: Categories of Disability Under IDEA Resource
Price: Free
Description: If you want to find out how IDEA defines the disability categories under which a child may be found eligible for services, this publication will tell you. Posted online at: www.nichcy.org/InformationResources/Documents/NICHCY%20PUBS/gr3.pdf

National Fatherhood Initiative
101 Lake Forest Boulevard
Suite 360
Gaithersburg MD 20877
Voice: 301-948-0599
Fax: 301-948-4325
Web Address: www.fatherhood.org

Resource Title: The 10 Greatest Gifts I Give My Children: Parenting from the Heart
Price: $12.00
Author: Steven W. Vannoy, Fireside Press
Description: The 10 Greatest Gifts project is dedicated to taking the struggle out of parenting and putting the joy back in. Its goal is to help families create their own unique family vision along with a working, proactive plan to nurture and fulfill this vision.

Resource Title: Coaching for Fatherhood
Price: $13.95
Author: Lewis Epstein, New Horizon Press
Description: Coaching for Fatherhood outlines a step by step method to revitalize fatherhood, utilizing family histories and participants. It expands men's visions of themselves and the families that formed them. Through it, men can learn to actively participate in their present families, develop a stronger sense of themselves, and become truly involved in their children's lives.

Resource Title: Complete Smart Dads Toolkit
Price: $39.95
Author: Paul Lewis, Family University
Description: Fathers in the 90s are waking up ... to their unique contributions to child development ... to the rewards of being much more than banker and disciplinarian! This Complete Smart Dads Toolkit provides the balanced mix of practical strategies, tools and creative techniques to give your child a powerful legacy of love and support. Seven items included in the convenient storage case are: Terrific Tips for Dads, day to day ways to instill fifteen important skills, attitudes and values in toddlers through teenagers; Dad Plan Quick Reference Playbook, 64 pages of planning sheets, resources for effective family meetings, chores, action plans and more; Five Key Habits Key Ring; "Quick Talk" Conversation-Starter Cards, 45 quick reference guides to launch a great conversation at mealtimes, bedtimes or drive-times with your child; Climb and Repel, a game to build the dad/child relationship; Dad Trax, a cassette of ten segments of fathering tips for "drive-time" listening; and, Five Key Habits of Smart Dads cassette (see description later in the While Supplies Last section).

Resource Title: The Fatherhood Movement: A Call to Action
Price: $60.00
Author: Wade F. Horn, Ph.D., David Blankenthorn, and Mitch Perlstein, Lexington Books
Description: The fatherhood movement has established itself as the most innovative and effective response to the most daunting crisis facing American families. Written by the movement's founders, The Fatherhood Movement illustrates methods for reconnecting men with their children and restoring the fragile bonds that hold our society together. This book provides valuable insights into the historical, social, economic and spiritual dimensions of the "disappearance" of fathers from society. Reflecting the complex nature of this problem, the contributors include activists, politicians, public intellectuals, and academics from a broad range of disciplines. They not only identify the root causes of the widespread withdrawal of fathers from their family life, but also offer specific remedies on individual, local, and national levels. This book is a timely and important contribution to a topic of growing concern to all Americans.

Resource Title: Fatherhood Today
Price: Free
Description: Fatherhood Today, the National Fatherhood Initiative's quarterly newsletter, updates members and friends about the activities and progress of NFI in addition to providing informed discussion on a wide range of issues dealing with fathers, fatherhood, and the fatherhood renewal movement.

Resource Title: Father Involvement: For Such a Time as This
Price: $7.50
Author: Ron J. Clark, MPP
Description: Filled with valuable lessons and tips for individual fathers and for professionals who work with them, this book offers an effective tool in today's quest to improve father involvement. A happily married, proud father of two sons, Clark is the Director of the Virginia Fatherhood Campaign and has worked as a consultant to several private and public youth and family service agencies across the nation.

Resource Title: Multicultural Counseling With Teenage Fathers
Price: $29.95
Author: Mark S. Kiselica, Sage Publications
Description: An up-to-date and in-depth guide for dealing with teenage fathers, this volume provides a framework for responding to not only the general but also the culturally specific needs of any given unwed teen father. Offering perceptive solutions, the author significantly contributes to the existing literature on how to help teenage men who face unplanned, out-of-wedlock fatherhood by providing clear and concise guidance within the web of legal, family and personal issues surrounding teenage fatherhood. The book examines the role of the teenage father's relationships - to his parents, his child, the mother of his child and her parents, and his peers - as they relate to his adjustment and changing worldview. While sensitive to cultural considerations, Multicultural Counseling with Teenage Fathers illuminates ways in which to encourage teenage fathers to take control of their lives and act responsibly regardless of cultural background.

Resource Title: Parents as Mentors
Price: $14.00
Author: Sandra Burt & Linda Perlis
Description: An exciting new way to approach parenting that will make a magical difference in a child's life. Parents as Mentors is not just another parenting book. It is a book that will help every mother and father succeed in the most important undertaking of their lives: shaping the life of their child. This positive and reassuring guide answers many common parenting questions with sensitivity and authority, drawing from the most enduring concepts in research and theory as well as the authors' 27 years of practical parenting. In this hectic age, this book illustrates the most effective ways parents and children can maximize their limited time. The authors provide a plan on how to develop a child's full potential simply by learning to identify, affirm, and develop his or her natural talents and abilities.

Resource Title: Playing to Learn Brochures: Activities for Parents and Children
Price: $4.00
Description: These offer a collection of creative, colorful child development brochures packed with activities and ideas that promote the joys of parent-child interaction. The brochures are written and organized in a clear, respectful, approachable style, and suggest creative playthings that are easily located and cost little or nothing. They are useful for parents with varied reading abilities, resources and backgrounds. Set of 4 brochures (Birth to Six Months, Six to Twelve Months, One to Three Years, Three to Five Years). Also available in Spanish.

Resource Title: Responsible Men, Responsible Fathers: Curriculum
Price: The curriculum is available in two formats: a two-day train-the-trainer workshop for up to 25 professionals ($1000 plus expenses); or purchase the curriculum alone for $35.00.
Author: Randell D. Turner, Ph.D. & Neil Tift
Description: This is a 12-module parent education curriculum for fathers and men with limited literacy skills.

National Head Start Association
1651 Prince St
Alexandria VA 22314
Voice: 703-739-0875
Fax: 703-739-0878
Web Address: www.nhsa.org

Resource Title: Parent's Guide After Head Start: Success in Public School
Price: $4 for non-members, $2 for members. Discounts available if you buy in bulk.
Description: This guide offers easy, practical, common sense steps to help parents and students make the transition from Head Start to public schools . Checklists guide parents through the multiple steps of transition, from meeting the new teacher to becoming involved with the parent-teacher association. In English and Spanish.

National Middle School Association
4151 Executive Parkway
Suite 300
Westerville OH 43081
Voice: 800-528-NMSA
Fax: 614-895-4750
Contact: Betty Edwards, Executive Director
Contact E-mail: bedwards@nmsa.org
Web Address: www.nmsa.org

Resource Title: This We Believe: Successful Schools for Young Adolescents
Author: National Middle School Association
Description: This new, expanded edition of our association's position paper must be read thoughtfully by every middle level educator, policymaker, parent, and anyone interested in the best thinking about Successful Schools for Young Adolescents, the very apt sub-title. Presenting a vision of a developmentally responsive middle school, this resource opens with a section on the importance of middle level education from the point of view of young adolescents and our changing society. This is followed by the heart of the document, an elaboration of the 14 characteristics of successful middle schools. A Call to Action then provides specific suggestions for using this document as a tool to improve middle level schools. An important concluding feature of This We Believe is a completely rewritten section of the characteristics of young adolescents, prepared by noted scholar, Dr. Peter Scales of the Search Institute. The new This We Believe is truly a significant document that should be read and studies widely and used in every middle school.

National Network of Partnership Schools
Johns Hopkins University
3505 North Charles Street
Baltimore MD 21218
Voice: 410-516-8807
Fax: 410-516-8890
Contact: Joyce Epstein
Web Address: www.csos.jhu.edu/p2000/

Resource Title: Reprints of Research and Practice Recommendations
Price: Prices range from $.50 to $8.
Description: The Center makes available a large number of articles and reprints from other magazines and publications on topics ranging from research on partnership development to surveys of existing practices.

National Parent Teacher Association
1400 L St NW
Suite 300
Washington DC 20005
Voice: 202-289-6790
Fax: 202-289-6791
Contact: Sheri Johnson, Director of Programs
Contact E-mail: sjohnson@pta.org
Web Address: www.pta.org

Resource Title: Building Successful Partnerships: National PTA's Parent Involvement Initiative
Price: $18.95
Description: Schools with strong parent involvement programs experience profound benefits for students, parents, teachers, and administrators. Research shows that when parents are involved in students' education, those students generally have higher grades and test scores, better attendance, and more consistently completed homework. Building Successful Partnerships is a multifaceted program focused on increasing awareness and implementation of the National Standards for Parent /Family Involvement Programs. This implementation guidebook is a comprehensive resource for parents, educators, communities, schools, designed to provide the foundation for developing a quality parent involvement program.

Resource Title: National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Booklet
Description: Voluntary guidelines to strengthen parent and family involvement on behalf of children in schools and other programs. The six standards and their quality indicators provide PTAs, schools, and communities with the components that are needed for highly effective parent/family involvement programs.

Resource Title: Our Children
Price: $10 (Members), $20 (Non-Members)
Description: The official magazine of National PTA. Published bimonthly, it provides information and ideas on how to make households, neighborhoods, schools, and communities better places for children. Our Children offers a variety of exciting new features and columns, including "Our PTA," a special center section devoted entirely to the work of parents and PTAs across the country, "What's Happening in Washington," information on how to help adults advocate on behalf of children, "Chalkboard," stories told from the perspective of educators, and "Frontlines," the latest news, facts, and people affecting children and youth.

Resource Title: Parents Guide to the Information Superhighway
Price: $5.00
Description: Offers a simple step-by-step introduction to parenting in the online world. This guide is a starter "tool kit" to introduce parents to technology in an online world and provide some tools and rules for use with children at home, at school, and in the community. Developed in conjunction with National PTA and the National Urban League, with advisors including the American Library Association.

National School Boards Association
1680 Duke Street
Alexandria VA 22314
Voice: 703-838-6722
Fax: 703-683-7590
Contact: Aaron Dorsey, Project Manager
Contact E-mail: adorsey@nsba.org
Web Address: www.nsba.org

Resource Title: Communities Count: A School Board Guide to Public Engagement
Price: $20.00
Author: Michael A. Resnick
Description: This publication guides school board members through the community engagement process and includes help in understanding the rationale, the benefits, and the concerns that are part of the process of convening the community. Although the specifics of community engagement will be unique for every community, experience shows that success is based on some common principles, a good plan, and continous work.

Resource Title: Safe Schools, Safe Communities
Price: $25.00
Author: Julie E. Lewis, Dean Pickett, Janet L. Pulliam, Richard A. Schwartz, Anne-Marie St. Germaine, Julie Underwood, and Jay Worona
Description: Emphasizing the need for cooperation to prevent and respond to violence at school, this book examines how schools and communities can work together to make our schools safe. Among the topics discussed are the need to balance school safety needs and the rights of individual students, how to deal with threats of violence, the role of the school attorney in response to violence, and how to work with the media in times of crisis.

National Urban League
120 Wall Street
New York NY 10005
Voice: 212-558-5300
Fax: 212-344-5332
Contact: Deirdre Jackson
Contact E-mail: djackson@nul.org
Web Address: www.nul.org

Resource Title: Read & Rise Magazine
Price: FREE - While Supplies Last
Author: NUL & Scholastic
Description: As a publication, the magazine is primarily targeted to African-American children, ages 3-5 and promotes a pride of heritage while introducing young children to basic concepts that are important tools for reading and literacy development. Through a variety of stories, poems and other activities, parents and caregivers have the opportunity to explore concepts of print with young children, helping them to develop phonemic and phonological awareness and gain a fundamental understanding of the alphabet. It also provides research-based information on the range of practical ways parents can foster their children’s reading and literacy development, in easy-to-understand language, while providing them with ideas for games and activities that they can do with their children. Designed to be fun as well as educational, the magazine also offers an introduction to the world at large, from stories about nature and science, to whimsical pieces about people in the neighborhood.

Resource Title: Read & Rise: Preparing Our Children For A Lifetime of Success
Price: FREE - While Supplies Last
Author: NUL & Scholastic
Description: Read and Rise is a resource guide that offers research-based information and practical tips to help you engage your child in reading and literacy-building activities. The guide is divided by age and grade. Each section includes: An Introduction, where you will find brief, research-based information on the common literacy behaviors by age and grade. A list of Milestones, important literacy goals that your child should be able to achieve at each age and by the end of each grade. Try This!, ideas and activities that can help you help your child gain the skills needed to become a successful reader. And Book Nook, which presents five basic features to look for when choosing books for your child.

PACER Center, Inc.
8161 Normandale Boulevard
Minneapolis MN 55437
Voice: 952-838-9000
TTY: 952-838-0190
Fax: 952-838-0199
Contact: Paula F. Goldberg, Executive Director
Contact E-mail: pgoldberg@pacer.org
Web Address: www.pacer.org

Resource Title: PACER Publication Catalog

Parents as Teachers National Center, Inc.
2228 Ball Drive
St Louis MO 63146
Voice: 314-432-4330
Fax: 314-432-8963
Web Address: www.patnc.org

Resource Title: Evaluations of PAT Child Outcomes: Kindergarten Readiness and Beyond
Price: Free
Description: The Missouri School Entry Assessment Project is a comprehensive early childhood assessment effort designed to gather information about what young children who enter Missouri's public kindergartens know and can do and to relate this information to their prekindergarten school experiences. Findings from the 1998 school readiness assessment project involving 3,500 kindergarteners in Missouri show that Parents as Teachers achieves its goal of preparing children for success in school.

Resource Title: Parenting Tips to Promote Intellectual Development
Price: Free
Description: A series of tips about ways to raise your children that will promote neural and intellectual development, from pre-natal till pre-school age. The basic assumption is that the learning that takes place in the first years of a child's life will make a significant difference in the child's development later.

Resource Title: Statewide Implementation of PAT in Missouri: Outcomes at Age Three and in Early Elementary School
Price: Free
Description: Results of the a study that followed 380 Missouri families involved in the Parents as Teachers curriculum, and found that these children tested above average in language, problem-solving and other intellectual abilities, and social development than comparison children.

Parents for Public Schools
200 N. Congress Street
Suite 500
Jackson MS 39202
Voice: 601-969-6936
Fax: 601-969-6041
Contact: Anne Foster
Contact E-mail: afoster@parents4publicschools.org
Web Address: www.parents4publicschools.org

Resource Title: Parents for Public Schools E-Newsletter
Price: Free
Description: A free monthly newsletter describing the work of PPS on behalf of strong public schools and all students.

Resource Title: Parents for Public Schools Clearinghouse
Price: Free
Description: A free weekly update on the latest developments on improving public schools, national education issues, and parental involvement.

Resource Title: PPS Chapter Manual: A comprehensive and practical guide to organizing and sustaining a community-based organization
Price: Free
Description: The manual includes successful activity ideas and samples from PPS chapters across the country, i.e. publicity, school governance, school tours, site-based management, special events, business networks, and recruitment for enrollment.

9711 San Gabriel Avenue
South Gate CA 90280
Voice: 323-564-6545
Fax: 323-564-8541
Contact: Mary Johnson / Founder
Contact E-mail: l.johnson8@worldnet.att.net
Web Address: www.teachingToChangeLA.org

Resource Title: Parent Survioral Guide
Price: $20.00
Author: Parent-U-Turn
Description: Parents Survioral Guide is recommend for parents of children k-12 grades. The booklet is a mapp for parents on the school structure and how to get their children "Beyond High School to University. Parent Survioral Guide cover such topics, college preparation, scholarhips/grants available for undocument immigrants and Afro-American students. Others topics include ABC"S for students success, Special Education, How to work within the school structure and what each department roles in students acheivement. Parents Survioral Guide is translate in both English and Spanish.

Poverty and Race Research Action Council
1015 15th St. NW
Washington DC 20005
Voice: 202-906-8024
Fax: 202-387-0764
Contact: Philip Tegeler
Contact E-mail: ptegeler@aol.com
Web Address: www.prrac.org

Resource Title: Poverty & Race Newsletter
Price: Print subscriptions are $25 per year, $45 for two years.
Author: Chester Hartman, Editor
Description: This 20-28 page bi-monthly newsletter journal is designed as a forum for communicating news and ideas within the network of researchers and advocates working on race and poverty issues. Reports the results of PRRAC-sponsored research, the advocacy work that research has assisted and other relevant news. Each issue lists in the Resources Section 100-200 recent reports and studies on race/poverty issues.

Project for School Innovation
197A Center St.
Dorchester MA 02124
Voice: 617-825-0703
Fax: 617-474-1103
Web Address: www.psinnovation.org

Resource Title: Including Every Parent: A How-To Guide for Engaging and Empowering Parents at Your School
Price: $22.95
Author: collectively written by teachers and parents from the school
Description: In the 2002-03 school year, PSI worked with a team of teachers and parents from the Patrick O'Hearn School in Dorchester, Massachusetts to explore and document the school's effective parent involvement practices--close to 100% of parents are involved at the O'Hearn in some way. In the how-to book, "Including Every Parent," teachers, administrators, and parents can find a variety of specific strategies for encouraging parents to be present at school, participating in school events, partnering in their children's education, and empowered to lead their own initiatives for school improvement.

Reading Is Fundamental, Inc. ®
1825 Connecticut Avenue NW
Suite 400
Washington DC 20009
Voice: 202-287-3220, 877-RIF-READ
Fax: 202-287-3196
Contact: Corrie Fisher, Senior Program Specialist
Web Address: www.rif.org

Resource Title: Becoming A Family of Readers
Description: This video features parents and their children modeling book sharing and encouraging viewers to become involved in family literacy programs. Co-produced by RIF® and Literacy Volunteers of America.

Resource Title: Helping Your Children Become Readers
Description: This flyer features ten reading tips in easy-to-read language. Available in English and Spanish. Purchase includes RIF's permission to duplicate and distribute unlimited copies, so long as they are free of charge.

Resource Title: Parent Brochures from Reading is Fundamental, Inc.
Description: These pocket-size items are for parents who want their children to grow up reading. Titles include Choosing Good Books For Children; Family Storytelling; Reading Aloud to your Children and Summertime Reading.

RMC Research
1815 N. Ft. Myer Drive
Suite 800
Arlington VA 22209
Voice: 703-558-4800
Fax: 703-558-4823
Contact: Bob Witherspoon
Web Address: www.rmcresearchcorporation.com

Resource Title: 7 Themes: Parent, Family, and Community Involvement in the Middle Grades
Price: Free
Description: Parent, family, and community involvement in the middle grades is changing due to educational restructuring and reform. Read about some promising practices and successful models in this booklet.

Resource Title: How Families Teach, Support, Learn and Make Decisions
Price: Free
Description: Parents are the central contributor to their children's education. Every parent wants their children to be successful in school but often doesn't have the time or the understanding given recent changes in education. Consider these ideas for using the many talents families have to give children the chance to do the best they can in school.

Resource Title: Parents Ask About...
Price: Free
Description: Not sure what to ask about when you visit your child's Title I or classroom teacher? You're not alone. Title I can be a complicated subject. Reading through these five parent brochures will help you better understand Title I and what it means to be a parent of a Title I student.

School Family Media, Inc.
100 Stonewall Blvd
Suite 3
Wrentham MA 02093
Voice: 800-644-3561
Contact: Tim Sullivan
Contact E-mail: tsullivan@schoolfamilymedia.com
Web Address: www.schoolfamilymedia.com

Resource Title: School Family Nights
Price: Free
Description: Ready-made guidebooks and toolkits for hosting high-appeal involvement evenings at school. How-to instructions, posters, letters home, etc.

Study Circles Resource Center
A Project of The Paul J. Aicher Foundation
697 Pomfret Street
PO Box 203
Pomfret CT 06258
Voice: 860-928-2616
Fax: 860-928-3713
Contact: vL. (Sally) Campbell, Senior Program Director
Contact E-mail: sallyc@studycircles.org
Web Address: www.studycircles.org

Resource Title: Where a diverse community comes together to make schools better for all
Price: $1.50 print copy
Description: In a school district of more than 140,000 students with 160 nationalities represented, study circles provide a bridge for Montgomery County Public Schools to reach out to people of all backgrounds, and a way for schools and community to work together to improve education for all students. (2006)

Resource Title: Montgomery County, Md., Public School Study Circles (DVD)
Price: $5.00
Description: A video highlighting the efforts of Montgomery County Public Schools (Md.) Study Circles Program to address racism and student achievement in the district's schools and community. (6 minutes) DVD

Resource Title: Education: How can Schools and Communities Work Together to Meet the Challenge?
Price: $5.00 print copy
Description: A multiple-session discussion guide including recommendations for tailoring the discussion to a particular community or organization's concerns (1997)

Resource Title: Helping Every Student Succeed: Schools and Communities Working Together
Price: $5.00 print copy
Description: A four-session discussion guide to help schools and communities improve academic achievement for all students. (2002)

Resource Title: Building Strong Neighborhoods: A Study Guide for Public Dialogue and Community Problem Solving
Price: $5.00 print copy
Description: A four-session discussion guide on many important neighborhood issues including: race and other kinds of differences; young people and families; safety and community-police relations; homes, housing and beautification; jobs and neighborhood economy; and schools. (1998)

Resource Title: Changing Faces, Changing Communities: Immigration & race, jobs, schools, and language differences
Price: $5.00 print copy
Description: A multi-session discussion guide designed to help communities face the challenges and meet the opportunities raised by the arrival of newcomers; includes pointers on how to involve public officials. (1998)

Resource Title: Confronting Violence in Our Communities: A Guide for Involving Citizens in Public Dialogue and Problem Solving
Price: $5.00 print copy
Description: A four-session discussion guide examining how violence affects our lives, what causes violence, and what can be done in neighborhoods and in schools. (1994)

Resource Title: Youth Issues, Youth Voices: A Guide for Engaging Youth and Adults in Public Dialogue and Problem Solving
Price: $5.00 print copy
Description: A multiple-session discussion guide to help young people and adults address the community issues which involve and impact them. (1996)

Technical Assistance ALLIANCE for Parent Centers
at PACER Center
8161 Normandale Boulevard
Minneapolis MN 55437
Voice: 952-838-9000
TTY: 952-838-0190
Fax: 952-838-0199
Contact: Sue Folger, Co-Director
Contact E-mail: sfolger@pacer.org
Web Address: www.taalliance.org

Resource Title: Parent and Professional Collaboration: A Cultural Perspective
Author: Technical Assistance ALLIANCE for Parent Centers
Description: This curriculum addresses the development of meaningful parent/professional collaboration. Through a focus on how cultural differences affect how persons understand and relate to one another, the curriculum provides strategies that address barriers to effective cross-cultural communication. Includes: 28 color transparencies in covers, 34-page curriculum for trainers, all in a 1 1/2" D-ring binder.

Resource Title: Positive Behavioral Interventions
Author: Technical Assistance ALLIANCE for Parent Centers
Description: This curriculum introduces families to a new way of thinking about their child's behaviors and about the need to advocate for behavioral instruction. Professionals find very useful. Approved by the U.S. Department of Education. 1999. Each set contains: 37 color transparencies in covers, 37-page curriculum for trainers, all in a 1 1/2" D-ring binder.

Resource Title: IDEA '97 Workshop For Families
Author: Technical Assistance ALLIANCE for Parent Centers
Description: Approved by U.S. Office of Special Education Programs. This curriculum contains the IDEA '97 training and transparencies that are of key interest to parents of children with disabilities. 1999. Each set contains: 89 color transparencies in covers (available in Spanish, or with Native American graphics at a separate cost), 102-page curriculum for trainers (also available in Braille), all in a 4" D-ring binder.

Resource Title: Understanding ADHD: A Workshop Curriculum
Author: Technical Assistance ALLIANCE for Parent Centers
Description: This curriculum provides information for parents, teachers and others about ADHD including behavior management, strategies for parents, and instructional strategies for teachers. It can be used in total as a 3 hour workshop, or as a series of shorter trainings for community education purposes. The curriculum consists of four units that can be used as short workshops or as the foundation for discussion groups related to each topic area. Each set contains: 59 color transparencies in covers, 64-page curriculum for trainers, all in a 1 1/2" D-ring binder.

Resource Title: Is Your Child a Target of Bullying? Intervention Strategies for Parents of Children with Disabilities
Author: Technical Assistance ALLIANCE for Parent Centers
Description: A new, one-of-a-kind curriculum developed for parent audiences has just been released by the ALLIANCE. The appealing design and easy-to-understand, common-sense suggestions are sure to inform and encourage families as they address bullying issues. The curriculum covers: defining disability harassment, common views about bullying, how to talk to your child about bullying, using the IEP to react to bullying behavior, federal laws that apply to disability harassment, and the role of school policy to respond/prevent disability harassment.

Tellin' Stories Project of Teaching for Change
PO Box 73038
Washington DC 20056-3038
Voice: 202-588-7204
Contact: America Calderon, Jill Weiler
Contact E-mail: Acalderon@teachingforchange.org
Web Address: www.teachingforchange.org

Resource Title: Between Families and Schools: Creating Meaningful Relationships
Price: $10.00
Description: 60 pp. A user-friendly, action-oriented guide to meaningful family involvement Offers practical suggestions for those intent on improving family-school relationships, challenging readers to rethink traditional notions of "parent involvement" and supporting them to collaborate with other key stakeholders for change. This 60-page booklet is the result of a year-long action research project conducted by parents, teachers and a student in Washington D.C.

Resource Title: Life Treasures from the Heart of a Child
Description: Student stories from the diverse community of Bruce-Monroe Elementary School in Washington, D.C.

Resource Title: Teaching for Change Catalog
Price: Free
Description: Multicultural resources that suggest ways that educators can address the lessons or "hidden curriculum" about race, class and gender that students learn from school.

Websters International, Inc.
5729 Cloverland Place
Brentwood TN 37027
Voice: 800-727-6833
Fax: 615-373-1030
Contact: Virginia Schmidt, Director, Public Relations
Web Address: www.bowdoinmethod.com

Resource Title: Bowdoin Method I
Description: Nationally validated curriculum for parenting children 3-7 years. Games, videos and activities reinforce the parenting skills of "at risk" families in a fun and effective manner. Ten subjects prepare parents for their children's success in school and in life. Researched and developed for parents with a second/third grade reading level, this basic skills approach is also available in Spanish.

Resource Title: Bowdoin Method II
Description: A continuation of the nationally validated Bowdoin I series, with emphasis on character education, good citizenship and expanding "at risk" children's reading and math skills. The "easy to read" parent books, videos and games cover 7 important topics for parenting today in a fun and engaging manner. Appropriate for parenting children 5-12 years of age.

Resource Title: Parent Involvement Resource Manual
Description: Developed by a national recognized Title I Director and parent education advocate, this manual provides enjoyable ideas for parent activities, handouts and workshops. A must for Title I programs, it comes complete with Federal Guidelines for Parent Education Programs and effective strategies for encouraging parent participation. This simple and easy-to-use manual is a practical source of information for all parenting programs.

Resource Title: Your Baby Talks To You
Description: Parenting infants birth to 3 years. This Interactive curriculum includes "hands-on" games, video and activities for fun and informative classes, and is especially successful with teen parents. This basic skills curriculum is multicultural and developed for "at risk" parents to meet their child's social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs.





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